Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress are hot on the trail of finding this fake Oracle and learning why Oracle is selling intel to Gotham mobsters under Barbara’s former moniker. While Canary and Batgirl are thick as thieves, they haven’t come full circle on trusting Huntress just yet. It would probably move along if she told them her real name, but details, details. Issue #2 starts off with the trio trying to save a mobster on Fenice’s hit-list with none other than Commissioner Gordon and continuing to dig up details on Oracle.

This isn’t the first time Barbara has set out on her own as a vigilante. She’s had her own comic in the past, and she hasn’t always hung out in Batman’s shadow. But that doesn’t stop the two father-figures in her life from having a heart-to-heart with her. First Gordon asks if she knows what she’s doing and pleads with her to ask Batman for help. When she swears she doesn’t need either of their help, Gordon calls Batman to talk some sense into the silly girl. That goes over as well as Batman’s talks with Nightwing. Perhaps those two should be together after all.

Speaking of Nightwing, Huntress drops the hint to Canary that she knows him. Canary advises her to not mention his name in front of Barbara, but of course she will. She’ll say she knows him, and then it will click in with Barbara who she is. (She was Grayson’s boss in Spyral who kind of kept him there against his will.) There won’t be enough popcorn in the world for me to munch that day.

The writing still proves to be quite stellar for this trio. Canary ribbing Huntress over her jacket is delightful. I especially love Batgirl and Canary talking about hazing Huntress to see if they trust her. A few pages later, she saves them from an explosion, which prompts the girls to let her join the club.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey 2 review

The art, however, continues to be the comic’s low point, and I don’t understand why. Some panels, everything is drawn very well, and then in others, it looks like the artist has no idea how to draw emotions on women’s faces. What’s really odd is that it’s only Batgirl and Canary’s faces that are affected; Huntress looks simply amazing in every panel, no matter her emotion. I can tell Roe is a great artist, but I’m not sure what the hangup is with some of the facial expressions.

We still don’t know who Oracle is yet, but I’m enjoying this trio working together so much, I’m not in any hurry for them to find out. This series has been great so far, and I see it only continuing to climb. May this band always stay together.

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