We Write Things is a collective of like-minded creatives with a simple goal: Create. Writing used to be about craft. Now it’s about clicks and impressions. There are organizations who whittle the work down to nothing more than an offering they make in exchange for a measurable exposure to ads. There’s no place for passion in that world. That’s why we’ve gone outside of it. We’re a band of obsessives who want to get back to something pure. And in our world, there’s no place for hollow practices. We’re not into synergy or clickbait or buzzwords or hot takes. We’re inspired by the zeitgeist and culture, but not constrained by what’s popping now. We believe in earnest conversation, thoughtful storytelling and candid dialogue.

We write things.




Annemarie Moody Miller

We Write Things Co-Scribbler-in-Chief. Wordsmith. Globetrotter. Shark Enthusiast. Denver Native. I like to write and read all the things.

Brooke Wylie

Co-Scribbler-in-Chief. Ravenclaw. Cinephile. Bookworm. Trivia Enthusiast. Voiceover apologist. Prone to lapsing into a poor English accent.


Resident Storytellers

Thomas Hutton

Is almost certainly *not* a cat that pilots an energy drink fueled human robot suit. Hates sand. No does write good.

Nicole DiDomenico

Fan of libraries and second breakfasts. Board game night enthusiast.

Brit Gockel

Digital Marketing Sorceress | Health Enthusiast | Clothing Addict | Fiancée | Dachshund Owner | Denver, CO Snapchat: brittanymgockel Instagram: britgockel

Melaina Johnson

Kitchen lover and fitness addict, marketing nut & puppy parent, keeping calm & collected for a happy life.

Steve Ruygrok

Gaming, Spirits, and Craft Beer enthusiast. If you say you don't like beer, then you just haven't had the right type yet. Great spirits keep away the bad ones. Video games are kind of amazing, just do it...or something like that.


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