The Game Baker’s Furi is a video game title that offers fast-paced action with a touch of bullet hell shooter. This unique combination makes Furi a thrilling and engaging game, as it constantly tests your reflexes and in-game skills. True to its name, it may bring out moments of anger as you repeatedly fail to defeat a boss and find yourself doubting your abilities. Nevertheless, failure is essential to Furi as you will learn from your mistakes and return stronger and better able to predict the movements of your enemy and properly time a counter and, in turn, be able to defeat your once merciless foe.

Immediately upon starting the game, Furi sets the tone for what is to come. You are imprisoned and must fight your way to freedom. Initially, you lack details to explain your imprisonment; but are gradually given information that exposes where you are and why you are confined to the punishment. The story of Furi is told in between battles, as you walk from one area to the next area where a new enemy awaits your arrival. This approach to storytelling leaves you wondering and guessing what is to come.

Furi for Nintendo Switch

While the narrative is compelling enough to keep your interest piqued for the duration of the journey, it is the brilliant and well-crafted gameplay that will keep you entertained till the adventure concludes. Furi is composed of a series of boss battles, with each successive encounter proving to be more challenging than the former. To be successful in battle, you will need to dodge attacks, perform counters, and swap between long-range and close quarter combat.

Once you find yourself in tune with the rhythm of combat, you will begin to recognize the fighting pattern each boss has to their style of combat and be able to form a well-adjust battle strategy. Each boss is composed of multiple waves for the player to complete, which each new wave introducing a new technique to the boss’ move repertoire. By observing the boss and their movements and new attacks, you will be able to adjust your battle approach and soon find yourself countering their most dangerous moves.

In total, Furi has ten bosses for players to compete against – thus meaning the longevity of the game will vary depending on your skill and time to defeat them. For most, Furi will last around half a dozen hours; but the game tempts you to return by introducing a higher difficulty and Speed Run Mode. By playing on the more difficult setting, the attack patterns of bosses will differ. Speed Run mode removes the narrative walking segments and is pure boss battles. It is intense and will push your skills to their breaking point.

Furi for Nintendo Switch

Whether played in handheld mode or docked, Furi looks and performs well on Switch. In a comparison to the PS4 version, we see that the Switch version looks nearly identical.

Furi is one of the best games to see release on Switch. The high level of difficulty will keep hardcore gamers entertained; meanwhile, the lower difficulty setting is manageable enough that curious consumers will be able to learn the game’s mechanics and become skilled enough to defeat the game’s ten bosses. The challenge is a great motivator, as you will feel like you could improve your technique and that victory is within reach.

[Editor’s Note: A digital code was provided for purpose of this review.]