After many months of waiting, Tequila Works’ Rime has finally managed to find its way to the Nintendo Switch. Rime is an emotional tale of a young boy that awakes on the shore of a mysterious island. The player immediately forms a connection to the boy, as you both lack understanding of where you are and how you got there. Accompanied by a friendly fox, you will journey through towers, relics, and underwater ruins all while solving puzzles and discovering more about the game’s setting and narrative.

What makes RiME such a remarkable experience is its power to invoke an emotional response from the player. The use of music and atmosphere work in tandem to speak to the deepest realms of the human soul. For those willing to surrender and give themselves over to the game, RiME has the ability to be a touching and moving experience.

Throughout your journey in RiME, you have to solve puzzles and navigate your way through the environment. Generally speaking, a vast majority of the puzzles have simple solutions and won’t cause a pause in terms of overall progression. The puzzles regularly involve moving boxes to activate a switch, or viewing the area from a new perspective to create a passageway. While the puzzles are simple, they feel organic and as if they belong in the game setting. The puzzles heighten the sense of spiritual connectivity one will have with the game.

Credit – Tequila Works

Separately, a friendly fox that will guide you to points of interest. Whenever you feel lost or unsure of where to go, the fox can be found barking and ready to point you in the proper direction. RiME has no combat, as the heart and soul of the game are to explore and to absorb the narrative being told. For some, this style of game may prove to be boring; meanwhile, others will become engrossed in the setting and its story.

RiME succeeds in delivering an emotional and moving game unlike anything on Switch. The setting is captivating and the characters endearing.

Nevertheless, technical issues plague an otherwise great game and contaminate its beautiful setting with slowdown and low-resolution visuals. If Switch is your platform of choice to play RiME, it would be in your best interests to play the game while it is docked. Playing RiME docked will give the game a clearer image; however, the game will stutter and suffer from performance issues.

Credit – Tequila Works

Graphically, RiME is a lovely game to gaze upon – at least while docked. Playing RiME in handheld mode will have the game run below the native resolution of the Switch’s 720p screen, causing it to have a blurry appearance. Having played most of the game in handheld mode, it can be said that one will adjust to the low-res visual. Conversely, it’s not the ideal way to experience the game.

RiME is unlike any other game on the Nintendo Switch. Its setting and unique means of storytelling will engross players and leave them wanting to solve the puzzle so that they may see the next area. The visuals and soundtrack work in tandem to absorb you into the game, as they reach out to touch your inner soul. If not for the performance issues and its poor handheld visuals, RiME would be a must-play.

As it stands, RiME is an excellent game being held back by technical problems.

(A digital code was provided for purpose of this review.)