Uncanny Avengers started in 2012 as a team-up between some Avengers and the X-Men as a way to show that humans and mutants can work together to make the world a better place. It’s a long story why it dissolved, but they reformed in 2015 under a very old Steve Rogers (also a long story). But this time, it’s not just about uniting humans and mutants; Cap now wants to show that Inhumans people are too and they can work together. With the terrigen mists still harming mutants and humans alike, it’s a tall order, but it’s one that Cap believes in. He’s been able to bring most of the original Unity team together, but there are plenty of new faces, including a few Inhumans.

Now that you’re somewhat caught up, let’s dive into issue #13, which takes place in the middle of Marvel Civil War II. Yes, there’s a Marvel Civil War II. And Marvel is ready to kill off founding Avengers once again. If you remember from the original Civil War, Captain America was killed at the end. Of course, it was a comic-book death as Cap is still alive and well, but it was a major blow at the time. This time, it’s Bruce Banner that takes one between the eyes in the opening panels. I assume this will be a comic-book death as well, but still, I’m quite shocked. For one, I didn’t think he could ever die, because, you know, the Hulk. Second, I didn’t think Marvel would do something so drastic. But okay then. This is where we are. Moving on.

Oh did I mention Hawkeye is the one who did it? Because he did. I have no idea why, because I haven’t been following Civil War II at all. I’ll read a synopsis when it’s over or buy the collected trade.

Hawkeye performed the deed in front of pretty much everyone involved in this Civil War, so he was arrested immediately. Hauled off by Abomination and Maria Hill. Not sure that was good for his self-esteem. Or the fact that a guy he hates tried to break him out of prison.

Uncanny Avengers 13

We never learn why Deadpool wants to rescue Hawkeye, but I’m sure it’s all revealed in Civil War II. I really lost interest due to being completely clueless.

After this trip to Civil War II land, the comic appears to shift back to what is really going on in Uncanny Avengers, particularly with the X-men’s obsession in stopping the terrigen mists. Not that I blame them, especially Rogue, who has a form of terrigen cancer from the mists. I hope that the cliffhanger at the end is part of this comic and not Civil War II, because I want to know what the X-Men are up to. I don’t want to wait a year when Civil War II ends and someone finally writes up a summary or a trade is compiled. Sigh.

Marvel has really developed this love affair with the Inhumans over the last year, and it looks like it won’t end any time soon. At least Deadpool keeps the new Uncanny Avengers series very entertaining. He and Rogue are pretty much why I keep reading. Well that and anything to do with the X-Men has become this glorious trainwreck that I can’t look away from.

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