Soooo we’re still in the middle of Marvel’s Civil War II. That said, this issue doesn’t seem to have missed anything from other Civil War II issues. At least, nothing else that has happened in Civil War II has impacted this current arc with Uncanny Avengers. Unless other pieces of Civil War II explain why Quicksilver was on the phone with Red Skull…

Can’t focus on that right now. Other than that bizarre phone call, Uncanny Avengers #14 picks up pretty much right where the last issue left off. Bruce Banner is still dead, and Steve Rogers, Deadpool, and hundreds of other Avengers attended the big man’s funeral. Noticeably absent, however, are Rogue and Cable, a fact that did not slip past Captain Rogers. He presses Deadpool about it, but he swears ignorance.

Rogue and Cable are actually in the process of breaking into a heavily guarded Army base with Toad and the Hellfire Club’s Sebastian Shaw. They learned that the American government has intel on the Terrigen Mists that are killing mutants, and they want to use that intel to find a cure for this M-pox. It’s pretty noble, aside from the breaking into government property bit. Naturally, Deadpool did know about their adventure, and naturally, Steve tailed Deadpool when he met up with the rogues (pun intended).

Also naturally, Steve was less than pleased with their less than lawfully good tactics. Steve yells at them for breaking the law, Rogue yells back that the government wasn’t helping dying mutants, and Deadpool hangs back with his head hanging even lower. For the first time in this entire comic, Deadpool stays quiet.

The scuffle ends with Rogue tossing the suitcase of intel to Cable and telling him to go while she holds Steve back. But Steve isn’t done throwing his hissy-fit. He’s super perturbed that his team would lie to him, so after he fires both Rogue and Deadpool, he decides that the Unity team is no more.

In the meantime, there’s weird stuff going on in the background, and I don’t just mean with Quicksilver’s weird new phone buddy. The Hand has taken grave interest in Bruce Banner’s death, as well as making life hard for Doctor Voodoo. I have a feeling that if I want to know what is going on with either of these arcs, I will need to buy more of Civil War II. At this time I am considering picking up a trade of the entire saga, but that is it.

Even though Steve is taking his toys and going home, I can’t believe that he’d close the team for good. At worst, he’ll form the team again with mutants and inhumans he feels like he can trust. At best, Rogue and Deadpool will save his ass from something and then they’ll all kiss and make up. At the end of the last Civil War, Steve ended up with a chest full of holes. Surely he remembers that, and surely he knows that keeping friends is the best way to prevent that from happening again.

Civil War II is coming to a close next month, as the cover preview for Issue #15 now says “Civil War II Aftermath.” Know what’s crazy? I still have no idea what this Civil War is about. I have assumptions, but not a clue. The Unity Avengers didn’t seem to have too big of a role in the matter after all, and I’m quite okay with it.

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