The Flash has not had it easy since the OG Wally West returned. He’s lost his long-time girlfriend, a speed force lightning storm has made dozens of new speedsters, and Iris has asked him to play mentor to her nephew, Wally West. But of course, that’s not enough for the Flash. He also decides to help all the new speedsters as well, and one happens to be a fellow detective, Augustus Heart. He and Gus team up to fight crime and solve a mystery of a serial killer targeting the new speedsters. When he kills them, he rips the speed force from their bodies and takes on as his own, becoming even faster. It sounds like a plot the Reverse Flash or Zoom would come up with, but neither of them are the culprits. As such, the press has given this speedy murderer their own label, and I have to admit, it’s rather catchy: Godspeed.

As I said, the Flash has his hands full.

He desperately wants to find out who is killing these speedsters, and his fervor greatly increased after his new girlfriend, Meena, was killed with the latest group. Normally he would turn to Patty for help, but since she has split, he turns to Iris for a fresh look at the data. Granted, she’s a top notch reporter in Central City, but to ask a reporter for help in deciphering evidence? I guess that’s not too far-fetched, but isn’t it a bit illegal? Now I wish I worked in criminal law as well as civil so I’d know the answer off the top of my head.

Regardless of the legalities of the situation, Iris does clue Barry in to a significant discrepancy with all of the evidence. As a result, yes, he does find Godspeed, and I have to hand it to Mr. Williamson; I did not see the identity coming. To that I say bravo, good sir, bravo.

But now I have to wait for the final showdown between Flash and Godspeed, or at least this particular showdown. With Reverse Flash in prison and Zoom both in Iron Heights prison, Barry needs another speedster faster than he is to battle. It just wouldn’t be the same tried-and-true Flash formula we’ve all come to know and love.

Now that I think about it, where is the OG Wally West? I’m not sure how he fits or how he can fit in this universe with the current Wally West, but I want to see them try. Perhaps Red Wally can be a Nightwing-ish mentor to the new Kid Flash, because we all know this Wally West will be Kid Flash. It’s fun to speculate and then be completely wrong.

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