Love it or hate it, the 90s was undoubtedly the height of the X-Men era, mostly thanks to the fantastic X-Men cartoon. Marvel wanted to recapture that fun with a new X-Men comic focused on the 90s style of those characters. It’s not a reboot; it’s a standalone series that deliberately speaks to 90s X-Men fans. Issues 1-5 wrapped up a rather strange story arc involving Omega Red and a vampire named Alpha Red. So #6 is a slight break from the norm of well, anything the X-Men has really tried.

The X-Men are manning security for a human/mutant unity concert. The headliner is The Flaming Lips. I died a little inside. Okay, I died a lot inside. Thank God my comic can’t actually play music.

But they aren’t mutants. Lila Cheney is singing along with The Toadies at this concert, which is actually called Lilapalooza. Yeah, okay, sure. The concert doesn’t last long, thankfully, as a bounty hunter crashes into the middle of the audience demanding Lila’s head. Unfortunately for him, he kind of irked SWORD commander Abigail Brand on his way in for not following protocol. It’s then that Fabian Cortez jumps in to boost Lila’s teleportation powers and send them all to a planet unknown. I assume it’s so he can start another war against humans while the only mutants who can stop him are away.

Not that we know anything, because the rest of the issue focuses on where the X-Men have teleported to. They have no idea, and the inhabitants of the planet are possibly hostile. Or at least creepy and strange. I assume we’ll find out more of what they want, where the X-Men are, and what Cortez is up to next month.

I love the 90s X-Men, but I gotta say, I’m not loving this throwback. Maybe it’s because the only way for it to be truly 90s is to bring back Chris Claremont. And probably Andy Kubert. The vampire arc was as uninspiring as Wolverine’s death. This current arc isn’t winning me over yet. At least I have this panel to admire over and over.

X-Men 92 Wolverine

At least Jean Grey isn’t really around for him to mope over. He’s actually quite tolerable and humorous without her.

Now I’m suddenly inspired to rewatch the 90s cartoon. Already humming theme song…now you are too….

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