Now that Dick Grayson can be Nightwing again, the comic has started off going back to what the Nightwing series has always had a problem with: letting go of Dick Grayson’s parents. Since he returned, the Court of Owls has tried to collect him once again, promising to kill Damian Wayne if Nightwing doesn’t comply. So Dick has done what Spyral has taught him—play the part of the spy and take down the organization from within. In this issue, Nightwing has finally taken down not just the Court of Owls, but also the international Parliament of Owls. And in doing so, he’s created a rift between him and Batman (yes, again), and once again, this is a time when he should listen to Bruce. It’s frustrating that Batman is right nearly all the time, but there is a reason for it.

In taking on the Parliament of Owls, Nightwing had to team up with an outlaw only known as Raptor. Through some give and take, the two form a partnership and trust one another to do the right thing, save everyone, and screw over the Parliament. It sounds picture perfect, but remember how last issue Babs was not pleased with Nightwing for teaming up with a criminal? Yeah, that wasn’t over.

Raptor refused to see the end of the Parliament with Nightwing, because as an outlaw, he will end up in prison. Shocker, he doesn’t want to go to prison, so of course he doesn’t agree to go with Nightwing. He doesn’t even give Nightwing a chance to force him to turn himself in either. He literally pushes Nightwing off a cliff. So when Batman scolds him for letting a criminal escape justice, it wasn’t entirely possible for Nightwing to do so. Sure, he trusts him, and he sees him as a cool guy, but he didn’t have much time to get the guy in handcuffs. Not that Bruce can really throw stones, mind you. If he really feels that way, why hasn’t he hauled Jason Todd in? Hmmmm?

But there it is. Father and son, arguing once again. As much as Dick insists Bruce isn’t his father, seriously dude, HE IS. Constantly telling Bruce he’s not your father is as annoying as Bruce obsessing over his own dead father.

As Nightwing huffs his way out of the Batcave, it turns out on the final page that Batman is once again infuriatingly right. I can’t wait for Nightwing to eat some serious crow.

Despite the teenage angst that has crept back into this series, at least the humor is alive and well.


And this made me laugh way too hard.


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