So I thought last month’s issue of Teen Titans was the very last issue, mostly because I was under the impression that Teen Titans: Rebirth was starting this month. Well that and the fact that last month’s issue was kind of awful with a weird Spring Break tie-in. Oh, and it had “End” in the bottom right corner of the last panel, which is usually reserved for the end of arcs and the end of a series. But noooooo. It’s still going on. And I think this is the real last one this time. For realsies.

I’m not going to lie; this issue MIGHT be worse than the last one. For starters, this is the very first panel.

Teen Titans 24 review - Detective Comics

Right there, this is the problem that runs amuck with superhero comics in the Marvel and DC universes. I don’t want to read about other characters’ adventures. I want to read about these characters. Stop trying to con me out of more money, DC. And don’t you tell me what to do, either.

So yes, I ignored this and went on to Bunker telling some random memory he has about going clothes shopping with Tim Drake a/k/a Red Robin. At the end of his memory, the panel switches to all of the Teen Titans, dressed in black, and crying. Apparently, Tim Drake fucking dies in the comic the DC editors were telling me to read. That’s…that’s really important, DC. You can’t just have a character die in a crossover and expect everyone to follow along. Oh, wait. Yes they can. That’s their MO, isn’t it?

I resist the urge to toss my iPad across the room and continue to read. Ugh. It’s all so heavy-handed. Each Titan goes around sharing their favorite memories with Tim. Then they go on a spiel about how Red Robin was the best Robin ever. Hey Beast Boy, Raven…would you say that to Nightwing’s face? Really? Everyone is literally better than Jason Todd, but Tim was the best Robin ever? Best detective of the Robins, maybe. Maybe also has the fewest psychological problems. Okay, so maybe he was the best Robin. But now he’s as dead as Jason Todd, so it’s time to move on.

Or is he? Thank you, summary of Detective Comics #940, for explaining what happened to Tim.

Regardless of where Tim is hanging out, the Teen Titans believe he is dead. While all of them want to stay together, they don’t feel they can do so without Tim, or without a Robin. After all, the Teen Titans have always been led by a Robin. So Raven disappears to her own new series, Bunker and Beast Boy decide to revamp their acting careers, which leaves Cassie and Power Girl wondering what they should do next.

Teen Titans 24 review - Robin

Any ol’ Robin will do! And hey, Batman has another Robin on reserve, doesn’t he? Let’s just borrow his son and let him get another Robin. They are, after all, a dime a dozen.

With the dispersal of the Teen Titans, I think we can safely assume that this is indeed the last issue. This was an incredibly weak wrap-up to a comic series that started off so incredibly strong. The Teen Titans Rebirth releases in two weeks, and then the first official issue of Teen Titans in the Rebirth universe will begin. Obviously, Damian Wayne will start leading the Teen Titans, but he’s far younger than any other Robin was in forming a team, and he’s rather…well…reckless. Not sure he’s exactly the leader type.

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