I never thought I would feel this way about a comic based upon Lois Lane of all characters, but the ending of Superwoman #1 had me riveted. We barely got to know Lois Lane as Superwoman, and she’s killed in the last panel. But surely she’s not really dead, right? She’s only mostly dead? And the other Superwoman, Lana Lang, will be able to save her? And who the *&%# is this other woman who appears to be falling apart and who appears to have killed Lois? I wish I could say these questions were answered, but only the first two were. Lois is definitely dead, and Lana cannot save her. But no, we never learn who that other woman is. Now I have to wait a whole other month.

Lois turned to stone and then dust and blew away, just like Superman did in Action Comics. Lana never got a chance to find out more about the mysterious killer, because Lex Luthor’s bodyguard, Mercy, fired EMPs into Metropolis from Luthor’s ship. She kind of got a little busy at that point. She was going to help Metropolis, since Luthor as Superman couldn’t thanks to the EMPs, but then she ran into ANOTHER Superman called Steel, who encouraged her to file a report at the police station.

I really, really, REALLY want to ask DC Comics why there are so many Supermen. Why was the OG Superman killed? Why is there an alternate version? Why is Lex Superman? Why is there a metal Superman known as Steel? What does Supergirl think of all this? Was Lois Lane killed because the alternate Clark Kent is married to an alternate Lois and they’re in this universe with their Superboy son?

Congrats, DC; my brain officially hurts.

But back to Superwoman #2, while the EMPs blacked out most of Metropolis, they were only aimed at Luthor’s businesses. Someone really hates Lex Luthor, and it isn’t half of Metropolis. It’s revealed at the very end, and this person is also controlling the crazy woman who killed Lois Lane. And did I mention that it appears Superman’s powers are killing Lana Lang too? She’s getting the same nosebleeds Lois had before she died, and it’s quite possible it was the superpowers that killed Lois and not the crazy woman.

Like I said, this issue only brings up more questions than answers. If this arc isn’t wrapped up full of answers in a satisfactory way, I will say au revoir to Superwoman. I like Lana; I think she makes a nice Superwoman. I actually thought Lois Lane made a nice Superwoman as well. But I’m having trouble dealing with dying superheroes from the first issue of a brand new superhero. I’m already going through that with Mighty Thor, so why DC has opted to go this route is beyond me.

I’m suddenly remembering why I prefer buying trades than individual issues; then there is no wait to see how this arc wraps up.

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