Mad Max had Thunderdome. We have Pizza Quest. The gauntlet before us is as comprehensive as possible an exploration of the pizza options in the LoDo area of Denver.

Brooke: Why? Because pizza is wonderful. And we want to ensure we’re not missing out on any choice ‘za.

Thomas: Pizza. Some could argue that it is the perfect food. It can be a carefully seared, edible-platter that can hold the finest of delectable ingredients. Or the thick and wholesome mound of cheese that eases you through post-drinking-pain. Or the rich, spice imbued meal that brings and binds your family together.

I consider myself a big fan, but I don’t consider myself tied to any one variety… because we all know someone willing to go to war over the particular makeup of pizza. I love almost all pizza, from the deepest of dishes to the snappiest of crusts…

But I sure as heck want to know which one is best.


B: A cursory Google of pizza places near us turned up 20-odd spots in walking distance — including SliceWorks, a beloved outpost on our block that more or less sustains our office with fries and New York Style slices in a wide variety of traditional and creative varieties.Pizza Quest

In the interest of exploration we’ve sworn to try one new spot a week. For the sake of keeping things neutral, we’re drawing our location out of a tissue box full of scribbled upon scraps of paper on the day of each outing. At each location we’re to eat a slice of cheese as a baseline, and then a second slice with any other toppings to get a further sense of what kind of flavor these spots are bringing to the party. Mind, we’re terrible at rules and process, so we’ll see how that holds up over time.

T: I’m not too worried about how the rules end up working. And despite the name Pizza Quest, I’m more concerned about the Pizza-Journey than the Pizza-destination.

B: Basically, we’re eating a lot of pizza, sharing our pizza thoughts in real-time, and then attempting to capture what amuses us about ourselves in a digital forum. Our method for this is … rudimentary at best. But here’s the theory. After the tasting excursion, participants record their thoughts and ratings in a Google Sheet. From there, we compile and distill the gist into a quick overview of our impressions.

Which slice will reign supreme? We probably won’t make that call. But we’ll snark and snack our way through LoDo anyway. But enough ado, we have slices to eat.


Until then, viva la pizza. Carpe the slice. Keep calm and pizza on. And give us pizza or give us death.

T: Uh, I’m only in it for the pizza. No death please…

(Perchance we’ll come up with our own slogan, but probably not.)

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