We don’t need to tell you that it’s the holiday shopping season. But we are game to share with you some of our personal picks. Read on for ideas straight from us to you.



  1. Something cozy yet snazzy — It’s nice to get compliments on what you’re wearing. It’s even better when you’re luxuriating in comfort whilst getting complimented on your style. You can have both with Naketano sweatshirts. They’re a sort of random German company that makes some of the coolest, most unique and most comfortable sweatshirts and sweaters I’ve ever seen. The prices are in Euros, so add on like $20 to your order to be super scientific about ordering. BUY IT NOW.
  2. Something that will up your herb game — Did you know your herb game needed to get upped? It does. These five-blade herb scissors are so handy my dad uses them to make the entire salad. True story. They’re great for snipping chives right off the plant into the saucepan, saves time on cutting up green onions and cilantro and they’re under $10. (Hint: stocking stuffer or 7th night of Hanukkah, anyone?) BUY IT NOW.
  3. Something adventurous — You don’t need a ton of stuff, really. When you’re a kid and you get 10,000 packages to open, it’s awesome. But everything you give and get should be a bit more curated now that we’re getting paychecks and mostly just buying ourselves what we want/need throughout the year. So why not give or ask for an experience this year? It could be as simple/cheap as a monthly planned date night out to dinner or as complicated/expensive as a two-week vacation to Italy. It’ll be something to look forward to for your family or friends or spouse, and you simply can’t put a price on awesome memories. I personally recommend Travelzoo as a place to find good deals and spark some inspiration! BUY IT NOW.



  1. Funky footwear — I’ve never been much of a shoe girl, but the number one thing I love in an accessory is a bit of flash and dazzle. I’m not saying everything has to glow or sparkle, but, like most of us, I like the idea that I am a special unique snowflake, and offbeat, cute styles further that vision. Enter Hot Chocolate Designs. These shoes are the opposite of common. They’re colorful and quirky and there is something to suit just about every personality. Want your feet to be an ode to breakfast food? They have you covered. Want to channel your inner Marie Antoinette? Done. Check them out.
  2. Bespoke books — I’m going to make the assumption that if you’re buying a gift for a person, said person holds a position of value in your life. Now when I say bespoke, I don’t mean that you need to go to a custom book bindery or track down a first edition (though bonus points if you do), I’m just advocating for a personal touch.here are few things that strike me as more personal or thoughtful than selecting a book specifically for one person. Go old school and buy the hard copy of a much loved classic, scribble a clever quip or a note about why you hope that person will love these words as much as you will. You’re building shared memories and connection, and that is a true intangible. I don’t have a link, this one is all on you, dear reader.
  3. Silver Screen Streaming — There’s a new streaming service built just for the movie lover in your life. It’s called FilmStruck and a subscription is the gift that keeps on giving, just be prepared for many an invitation to come over and watch a new discovery if you live nearby. Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection have teamed to bring a streaming library rich with classic, foreign, cult and hard-to-find films. And bonus, FilmStruck offers curated collections and special features, because they know that film geeks live to go full Ravenclaw. Let me be the first to offer Annemarie my condolences/congratulations if someone gifts me this, because I’ll have even more Required Viewing selections at my fingertips. Get the deets.



  1. Overcooked — Never before have I ever played a video game that can turn non-gamers into gamers. A number of times, I played Overcooked with friends who had never touched a video game controller in their life and within an hour, they were hooked. It’s because of this uncanny mass appeal that Overcooked is a personal favorite of 2016.
  2. Super Mario Run — Okay so this game doesn’t come out on the App Store until Dec. 15. However, I feel like ever since the first Mario was made, we’ve been waiting our whole lives for Mario to jump onto our smartphones. I’m shamelessly buying this game because let’s face it, Super Mario Run on our phones is going to be excellent. Bartender! I’ll have another glass of hype!
  3. Beer — This holiday season, I highly recommend visiting your local brewery and supporting craft beer. This is such a special industry and is one that reaches virtually every state in the US of A. Now is a great time to try some winter seasonals or pick up a six pack of something new. Support your local craft brewery because beer is something we can all agree on, yes even those of with celiac (see Shine Brewing Company in Boulder, CO).


Happy commerce, friends. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Main image credit: Ben White via Unsplash.

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