In this day of simplicity where we are spending much of our time at home, practicing social distancing and helping to flatten the COVID-19 curve, making your own meals or drinks is likely the center of each day. Allow us to introduce a delicious cocktail from George Remus, one you can master during this boom in time at home.

I present to you the Prohibition Era Ward 8 cocktail. This creation is a delicious yet warm blend of some of my favorite juices, plus the excellent George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

In order to craft one of these, you’ll need to have George Remus Straight Bourbon Whiskey, orange juice, lemon juice and grenadine. Also, you’ll need a shaker, ice, strainer and a cocktail glass if you want it to look authentic.

After adding ice into your shaker, measure in 2 oz. of George Remus Bourbon, .75 oz. of lemon juice, .75 oz. of orange juice and 1 teaspoon of grenadine. Shake everything up and then strain the blend into a chilled cocktail glass like you see above.

Here is what the people at George Remus have to say about the cocktail: “Originating in 1898 in Boston, the Ward 8 was created to celebrate the victory of politician Martin M. Lomasney to the Massachusetts’ legislature. Why Ward 8? That was the ward that delivered the votes to seal his win.

“Slow to become a go-to cocktail, its prominence increased during Prohibition, as its ingredients masked the harsh flavor of bootlegged bourbons. Bourbons that didn’t carry the name of George Remus, obviously.”

At times, cocktails can get a little complicated, however, this one in particular is quite simple and delicious to make at home. Highly recommend giving it a try, particularly if you’re looking for something different and tasty.

Folks can pick up a bottle of George Remus’ flagship bourbon for around $39.99. It is a fantastic blend and finishes in a very balanced manner. Stick around for more cocktails to consider during the long days of quarantine.

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From the Dark Knight trilogy to the Marvel films, I love a good franchise. But what I love more is discovering a new spirit, and finding a new way to embrace its unique traits. In other words, liquor is fun. Long-time journalist, and refined palate, give me a spirit and I'll give you a reason.