Sometimes a sweet cocktail just isn’t the right drink and instead, a little sour goes a long way. Rossville Union Master Crafted Rye has a solution for your sour craving palate.

Allow me to present to you the Rossville Sour, a straightforward yet tasty beverage to end a long day or boost up an evening. There are a small handful of ingredients you’ll want to have on hand.

First you’ll need Rossville Union Master Crafted Rye, sweet and sour, club soda, grenadine, orange and cherry. You should also have a strainer, shaker and Collins glass.

First, add into your shaker two ounces of Rossville Union and two ounces of sweet and sour. Shake the contents up thoroughly.

Then, strain the mixture into your Collins glass, which should have ice. Next, top the drink with one ounce of club soda and one half ounce of grenadine. Feel free to garnish the beverage with a slice of orange and cherry.

Rossville Union is a relatively new rye, one that has seen a strong level of popularity among rye lovers. This rye offers an aged profile of five to seven years, creating a balanced sweetness with a welcoming level of rye spice.

Most of all though, the Rossville Sour is a great take on the whiskey sour and it is so easy to make at home, but for those who prefer a neat pour of Rossville Union, that is a delicious option too. Stick around at We Write Things for more great cocktail recipes and tasty drink ideas.

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