There’s nothing better in life than coming home from a long day of work, turning on the fire to block the cold weather outside, kicking up your feet, and enjoying a neat pour of fine bourbon. Well, some of you might not exactly have cold weather or a fire place, but you can enjoy some outstanding whiskey.

Today, dear readers, I’m pleased to introduce to you one of the finest bourbons I’ve had to date: Remus Repeal Reserve Series II. Produced as a commemoration of Prohibition Repeal Day, it is one certainly worth celebrating. While the price may initially scare away some prospective takers, you should rest assured this is a balanced, flavorful bourbon worth investing in and taking your time with.

With a bevy of carefully selected bourbons from 2007 and 2008, Remus Repeal Reserve presents a complex, yet even-ended experience. Its brown body properly personifies the blend, and its aromas contain sweet and spicy notes. The primary note for me was the vanilla in its aroma, while the spice stands firm as a secondary note.

Balance is the name of the game when it comes to Remus Repeal Reserve’s palate. Instantly, the biggest note I was met with as I tasted was the vanilla palate, which gave way to the bourbon’s spice characteristic. It’s a firm spice, but one that can be enjoyed. While those are primary traits of the bourbon, secondary notes are made up of a smoke and maple, particularly present in the bourbon’s finish.

This bourbon is an absolute delight and will please even the most demanding of bourbon drinkers. Given the holiday season, Remus Repeal Reserve Series II also stands as a lovely gift idea for those who appreciate a fine bourbon. The latest edition in the series is available now, though it is being bottled in a very limited fashion.

Those interested in picking up a bottle, it is retailing at a suggested price of $84.99 for a 750, with a 50 percent alcohol by volume. Allow me to end the review with a few words from the Vice President of Brands for MGP Ingredients, Mr. Andrew Mansinne.

“The launch of Remus Repeal Reserve Series I exceeded our expectations last December. The development of a limited release that allows our distillery team to present an experimental, complex blend from the best of our bourbon barrels each year has been a rare opportunity.

“We’re continuing to push the limits with this year’s edition. Series II presents an even bolder high-rye profile but builds on our theme of weaving multiple bourbons into a beautifully smooth style for the ultimate in sipping pleasure,” Mansinne said.

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From the Dark Knight trilogy to the Marvel films, I love a good franchise. But what I love more is discovering a new spirit, and finding a new way to embrace its unique traits. In other words, liquor is fun. Long-time journalist, and refined palate, give me a spirit and I'll give you a reason.