Summertime is getting quite hot in some parts of the country, and on those heated days, a cool refreshment always hits the spot. A hoppy or dark beer sometimes hit the spot, but then again, sometimes a smooth and clean-finishing Mexican-style lager land even better, like Rio Jade.

This new beer presents itself as a very crisp and refreshing ale, that finishes with hints of citrus. The clean and balanced presentation makes for a beer that is incredibly drinkable.

Lone Star Beer has delivered the Rio Jade, a delicious, well-balanced Mexican-style lager. I’m happy to tell you this is a fantastic summer beer and will cool you off on any hot day.

Folks who wish to have a few of these will be happy to know the Rio Jade is a welcoming 4.5% ABV. Feel free to enjoy many rounds of this brew and know things won’t get too crazy for you.

The seasonal beer is available now until the end of the summer. In an effort to support the bar and restaurant community, Lone Star Beer has launched an initiative called Keep The Lights On Y’all.

Lone Star’s Emily Hoyle spoke a bit about the Rio Jade and what it stands for. “We’re excited to launch the Rio Jade Mexican Style Lager as it gives us a chance to honor our heritage, but also celebrate the Texas of today. The beer perfectly represents what we value at Lone Star – connecting to the land and people of Texas, providing new and refreshing ways to enjoy our great state, and above all else, making delicious tasting beer for Texans everywhere.”

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