It can sometimes seem like a bit of a process to create a delicious cocktail, but then again, sometimes a delicious cocktail is as simple as pouring your favorite spirit into a glass and nothing else.

Not every spirit falls into the “neat” category of drinks, as some are far better to enjoy with additional ingredients added in. But there are those that are excellent by themselves, and a perfect example of that is Remus Repeal Reserve.

Created as a limited yet annual release, the Remus Repeal is a fantastic spirit as a standalone. Mixing it with other ingredients really defies its purpose as an exceptional, limited bourbon.

If you have a rocks glass lying around the house, then you are in business. In my opinion, there are but a few ways to enjoy this fabulous whiskey. My favorite is to go with the Remus Repeal Reserve neat, with no ice, water or other dilutants to alter its taste.

For those who might say it is a bit too strong or that they like it chilled, then a single ice cube helps cool off the delicious spice. The well balanced presentation, with hints of caramel and maple, remains strong, even with the disrupter of ice.

During this challenging time of COVID-19 ridden quarantines, it is important to still reward yourself with a treat every now and then, or as Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation put it, “Treat Yo Self.” Whether it is after a long day of work or you simply need a moment of tranquil peace and quiet, the Remus Repeal Reserve is a wonderful escape, even if only for a handful of sips.

For those who are jonesing for a new cocktail recipe, I’ll have more in the days ahead, so stick around. In the meantime, Remus Repeal Reserve is an excellent option for any whiskey lover, particularly those who appreciate the fine sider of bourbon.

About Jason Rohan

From the Dark Knight trilogy to the Marvel films, I love a good franchise. But what I love more is discovering a new spirit, and finding a new way to embrace its unique traits. In other words, liquor is fun. Long-time journalist, and refined palate, give me a spirit and I'll give you a reason.