Microsoft and Sony possess two of the most powerful consoles ever created. Gamers certainly are adopting the PS4 Pro at a significant rate, and it remains to be seen how folks take to Xbox One X. However, assuming install bases become large enough for both, will gaming ever see exclusive releases for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro?

The short answer right now is probably not, but things have a way of changing. PS4 Pro’s install base seems to be growing at a fair rate. Sony confirmed that roughly 1 in every 5 PS4 consoles sold is a PS4 Pro system. This is a better than expected ratio, given the fact that the whole mid-generation upgrades concept is new territory for all of us.

Gamers who own a PS4 Pro and will own an Xbox One X won’t mind exclusive releases, but what is the likelihood of that ever happening? In an interview with We Write Things, Michael Goodman, who is the director of digital media strategies at Strategy Analytics, gave his thoughts on whether or not we’ll see exclusive releases for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.

“I don’t want to say never, but I think the question becomes, ‘What’s in it for the companies?’ If you’re Microsoft, I can understand why, but what are the benefits? There are benefits to the consumer, but at the end of the day, I’m not so sure [it’ll happen]. I don’t want to say never, but I don’t see it happening anytime real soon. There has to be a reason for doing it,” Goodman said.

Not fragmenting the install bases is something both Microsoft and Sony have talked about at length. It seems like install base size will drive how firms handle their exclusive releases. First party games will surely show best on their respective mid-generation upgrades. However, will we ever see games that truly “take advantage” of the power inside?

Fan support will ultimately be an indicator of that and so will time. In the meantime, gamers can pick up PS4 Pro for the price of $399. Xbox One X launches this Nov. 7 for the price of $499. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox and PlayStation.

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