Ghost Recon Wildlands is an incredibly large and deep experience with hours and hours of gameplay fun. The experience as it launched provided players with immense value, but that is about to change next month. Ubisoft is doing something with Ghost Recon Wildlands that I have never seen before, and it’s awesome.

The publisher is announcing today that Ghost Recon Wildlands‘ new PvP mode “Ghost War” will debut on Oct. 10. The mode will be free for all Wildlands owners, and contains an incredible amount of depth. In a 4v4 team deathmatch format, players will battle it out in tactical squad play.

A slew of unique classes await players in “Ghost War” and who you choose will significantly impact your team’s performance. A total of 12 classes are available in “Ghost War.” Each class possesses unique characteristics, weapons, perks and customization options. Additionally, the DLC will deliver eight unique maps for players to battle across.

Cooperation and teamwork are at the heart of this PvP experience. All of this creates dynamics we have yet to see in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Maps in “Ghost War” are wide-open with plenty of geographical variables for you to take into account. Suppressing fire and sound markers introduce new mechanics to the PvP experience.

Gamers can expect further updates to “Ghost War” in the coming weeks and months. They hope to continue to enrich their PvP experience with added feedback from gamers as well. Lucian Istrate, who is the lead game designer on “Ghost War,” spoke about the news.

“We are excited to continue refining and expanding ‘Ghost War’ after its launch. Expect more classes, more maps, and even new modes to be added in the future!” Istrate said.

Folks who are looking for further details regarding the new mode can visit here. This mode provides incredible value to gamers who already own the game. Having played the mode, it is a ton of fun and I think players will be pleasantly surprised by how great it actually is.

Adding a multiplayer mode such as this half a year after launch is unprecedented. Gamers will surely enjoy the upcoming mode. Ubisoft will release “Ghost War” on Oct. 10 for all owners of Wildlands. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Ghost Recon.

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