Tequila continues to see newer yet small distilleries pop up across Mexico. The spirit is thriving with all of the craftsmanship that’s within many, different tequilas. Whether you’re a fan of silvers, reposados, añejos or extra añejos, now is such a great time to enjoy tequila.

One distillery that has stood out in an exceptional manner is the good fortuned company, Suerte. This small-batch, single-distillery is stirring up quite the buzz with their excellent slate of tequilas. At the 2017 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) awards, its reposado and añejo won platinum medals.

After having the chance to review and experience the reposado myself, I absolutely see why it is a platinum winner. This smooth delight is suddenly one of my favorite reposados, as its balance and palate bring outstanding taste and high drinkability.

Like all of Suerte’s tequila, Suerte Reposado comes from 100 percent Tahona blue weber agave. It is slow roasted in brick ovens and then distilled twice. Charred American White Oak whiskey barrels then house the tequila for seven months of aging. The entire process yields a tequila that you’ll want to enjoy neat, and do so often.

When you first experience the nose of Suerte Reposado, you’ll find some interesting notes. I detected the butterscotch, almost vanilla seeming, scents immediately. They provide a pleasant preview, as do the somewhat prominent oak hints, which are also detectable.

The palate of Suerte Reposado is consistent in its balance as well as the presentation it provides. Tequila drinkers will notice oaky flavors that pair nicely with butterscotch hints. From start to finish everything in the tequila is smooth and lends itself to a complete experience. I doubt you’ll be over drinking this spirit after just a few sips. Suerte Reposado’s balance is evident with every taste.

As someone who prefers drinking añejos and reposados, I must say Suerte surprised me. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but what I found is an even, great tasting delight. This tequila stands up there with some of the other reposados I’ve reviewed, and it even has a special place in my heart as a result of its charming rabbit-covered label. Those who enjoy balance and smoothness in their tequila will surely enjoy Suerte Reposado.

Suerte Reposado checks in with a 40 percent alcohol by volume and is available in 750ml. Tequila drinkers can find the spirit across the 25 states Suerte distributes to. More states will support Suerte in the months ahead. Laurence Spiewak, who is Suerte’s co-founder and CEO, spoke about the distillery’s victory at the SIP awards.

“We often say that Suerte was started by tequila consumers for tequila consumers, which is why we’ve continued to enter the SIP awards – its judges are consumers. Winning over 10 SIP medals since we started five years ago is a testament to the appreciation for our craftsmanship and quality,” Spiewak said.

Suerte Reposado is a tequila best to enjoy neat. However, those who wish to mix things up certainly should with any recipe they choose. I’d highly recommend a traditional margarita in order to showcase Suerte Reposado’s true versatility. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on tequila.

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