Last year, E3 was undoubtedly one of the most memorable we saw in years. However, what made it equally memorable was EA’s new, company-hosted event known as EA Play. The show began slightly before E3 and served as a way for the company to reach gamers a bit more directly.

The event played off of the hype of E3, even though it was not associated with E3 itself. EA Play 2016 clearly did enough for the company to bring it back for a second year in a row. Today, EA has confirmed EA Play 2017. The show will kick off this coming June 10 and run through June 12.

EA did not confirm a pre-show briefing quite yet. If EA follows EA Play 2016’s format, then things should go similarly. If so, it is fair to assume June 10 will be when the company hosts its annual briefing. After the show sometime in the morning, EA Play will open a few hours early for press, following with the public being let in.

EA continues to put on the show to “connect audiences around the world, and bring them closer to the games they love.” The company went onto speak about what EA Play 2017 will deliver.

EA confirms EA Play 2017 for this coming June in LA (Courtesy of EA).

“Whether in person or online, EA Play 2017 will connect fans around the world to EA’s biggest new games through live broadcasts, community content, competitions and more. Those that can attend in Hollywood will experience hands-on gameplay, live entertainment and much more.

“For anyone joining digitally around the world, EA Play will feature livestreams, deeper looks into EA’s upcoming games and experiences, and content from some of the best creators in the community. For players, content creators, media, industry partners and more, EA Play 2017 will deliver a network of experiences to celebrate a world of play,” EA wrote.

It is going to be interesting to see what EA brings to the show this year. Most of their major games will be available, with only theoretical games being left. In a few weeks, Mass Effect Andromeda launches this coming March 21. After that, EA will of course bring its yearly sports titles but not much else is known.

Several Star Wars games are in development both at EA Motive and Respawn Entertainment. There are no names yet known for either game, but EA looks to share more in the coming months. Perhaps EA Play 2017 is when we’ll get our first look at Motive’s Star Wars game? Will Star Wars Battlefront 2 make its debut at the show? We will all find out when the event takes place from June 10 through June 12. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on EA.

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