Death Stranding is one of the most exciting, upcoming PS4 exclusives. The game is currently in the works at Kojima Productions, and it’s using some of the finest technology. The first two trailers for Death Stranding showcase a high-level of technological detail and precision, a pattern doesn’t seem like it’ll be changing anytime soon.

Among the many impressive features of the upcoming game, Death Stranding Photogrammetry scans stack up toward the top. Hideo Kojima clearly wants actors and actresses to be able to give the most authentic performance possible. He spoke about how Photogrammetry allows for this to happen.

Death Stranding uses Photogrammetry scans made from 360° photographic data, and performance capture technology to record actor/actress performances. These are then integrated and rebuilt in the game engine. These methods are completely different from those used in movies, so performers need to first think ‘This sounds interesting, I’d like to try this new stuff’, or they won’t take part in the project.

“Another distinct aspect is that the player moves Norman with their own hands, seeing, experiencing the game through them, it’s akin to living through another person. I believe Norman and Mads were excited by these aspects, and that’s why they agreed to join the project,” Kojima told Sugoi.

We’ll see how the game ultimately shapes up from a visual standpoint. However, the first scenes Kojima Productions has shown off are quite impressive. Separately, Hideo went onto speak about why he chose to work on Death Stranding with actors Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

“It’s the same with Norman and Mads; good acting skills, great popularity and good personalities; without these three aspects I can’t take the plunge. We announced that we’re going to use Guerrilla Games’ engine. If we mess up, we’ll be embarrassing them. It’s sort of a ‘When we die, we die together’ relationship,'” Kojima said.

Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive that was announced at E3 2016. Then, the game received a new trailer at The Game Awards, which you can view below. There’s no release date or time frame for the upcoming title, but we’ll keep you in the loop with any new developments that come along. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Death Stranding.

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