Farming Simulator has never been a game about instant gratification, but more one about tactful decision-making. While still maintaining this theme, Farming Simulator 17 brings an extremely satisfying experience that will make you feel glad you worked hard for the success you ultimately earn.

If you are new to the Farming Simulator franchise, then the game will take some time and commitment on your part. The game’s mechanics are things you’ll become familiar with over time and you’ll gain a more firmer understanding of how to best leverage crops, livestock, etc.

For you newbies out there, Giants Software has a slew of tutorials for you to go through. Each will showcase a different part of the game and are great tools for diving deeper into Farming Simulator. The best advice I can give someone who is new to the game is to take things slow and be patient. You will grasp everything, but not right away.

Farming Simulator 17 is a simulator with teeth and vast depth for you to dive into. The game is largely about paying attention to the needs of your farm. This means monitoring pigs you have purchased and ensuring they are adequately fed and hydrated. You will also need to keep their pens clean over time too.

Plowing the fields in Farming Simulator 17 (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).
Plowing the fields in Farming Simulator 17 (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).

Your crop fields must be taken care of, and making sure you don’t get stuck on one task is important. When performing a task like harvesting a field, keep in mind you don’t always have to be the one to physically do it.

Gamers can hire workers to get jobs done. After you hire a worker, they will complete the task automatically over time. As you would expect, you’ll be charged fees gradually for the amount of time that it takes the worker to complete the task.

When it comes to harvesting, you’ll get the hang of how to do it after a few cycles. It is a very rinse and repeat process, but be sure to pay attention to the game’s hints of how to best leverage your crops’ production and results.

There are only 24 hours in a day to begin with. Farming Simulator will force you to maximize that time, so be sure to think about the things you’re doing (harvesting, feeding, cleaning, etc.) and what you’re using to get to those things (walking, driving, etc). Being mindful of how you use your time will ensure top-notch production.

Gamers can choose to play as a man or woman (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).
Gamers can choose to play as a man or woman (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).

Something new to this year’s installment of Farming Simulator is that you can choose to play as a man or a woman. Gamers can choose the color of the flannel shirt their farmer wears as well. This is a nice touch for those who wanted some diversity in the character they played as.

Giants Software did a fantastic job of adding excellent detail to each of the vehicles in Farming Simulator 17. This is something fans may have thought lacked in prior iterations, but this year’s game showcases these machines in much deeper detail.

Being able to play the game with your friends changes the experience for the better. Gamers can play in co-op mode with a friend and this adds to the experience incredibly. If you’ve played Farming Simulator by yourself and thought, “man, I wish there were two of me.” Well, now there are!

Co-op mode enriches the experience greatly. Having another person with you makes the early days of the game easier to push through. Not only that but having a friend by your side means you have another person to think of what needs to be done, making your farm all the more efficient.

Some beautiful art for Farming Simulator 17 (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).
Some beautiful art for Farming Simulator 17 (Courtesy of Focus Home Interactive).

For those who have enjoyed the Farming Simulator franchise over the years, Farming Simulator 17 is a fun upgrade from last year’s edition. And if you are a newbie to the series, the series has never been more welcoming. Farming Simulator 17 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, MAC and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games. Focus Home Interactive provided We Write Things a PS4 code of Farming Simulator 17 for the purposes of this review. 

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