Microsoft has released a slew of excellent releases for Xbox One over the past few months, and its last of 2016 is only a few weeks away from launching. The timed-exclusive from Capcom, Dead Rising 4, will land on Xbox One and Windows 10 this coming Dec. 6.

As we get closer to the game’s launch date, more new trailers and information continue to surface. Did I mention trailers? Microsoft has put out a brand-new Dead Rising 4 trailer and it highlights some of the insane combos gamers can conjure up.

Gamers will be able to wield powerful weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers and of course, exo-suits? Yep that’s right, exo-suits baby. Not only that, but an old-fashioned lawn mower that has been lit on fire adds a nice touch of diversity to the vehicle lineup in Dead Rising 4. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out below:

Gamers can come up with all kinds of kooky outfits for main protagonist Frank West to wear. “To complement the wardrobe, Frank has more tricks and more treats than ever before and there’s no limit to the crazy combos you can create in this action packed, heart-pounding experience. Plow, slice and explode your way through massive hordes of zombies in this year’s biggest zombie apocalypse,” Microsoft wrote.

Gamers who are interested in picking up the Deluxe Edition of Dead Rising 4, which has the season pass, can do so here. The edition will run you $79.99, while the standard edition is of course just $59.99.

Dead Rising 4 will be released this coming Dec. 6 for Xbox One and Windows 10. Stick around for more on the game here at We Write Things.

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