Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios are in the process of bringing the newest iteration in the Dishonored series to life and come this November, gamers will be able to experience it. Developers often can take a great concept and make it even better, and that’s what Arkane is looking to do with Dishonored 2.

Originally revealed at E3 2015, Dishonored 2 is taking players to a new part of the world they didn’t see in the first game, and gamers will be able to play as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano. While it may seem surprising, you can play entirely through Dishonored 2 without having killed a single person.

Features such as the powers that gamers have with both Emily and Corvo are going to be embellished in Dishonored 2. Many things about this new game have been made greater and better, just as the game’s creative director, Harvey Smith, will tell you.

“We’re super excited about how it’s coming together and we hope everybody loves the game as much as we love the game. It feels like Dishonored but bigger and better in all ways. We finally have the technology to support the art style that our artists worked so hard to put together. The new technology we have is called the Void Engine and our programmers worked very, very hard on it. [Dishonored 2] has the same values level design wise and two protagonists with two sets of powers.

“There’s just so much to talk about and we’re very, very excited about it. That said, we are near the end and this is a very difficult period and everybody is working super hard. It’s just really hard to bring games in [tie off all of the loose ends]. Part of what makes it hard is on us because we make such a detailed world with so many alternate solutions…but we’re very excited,” Smith told GR.

This will be the first time that gamers have stepped foot into the world of Dishonored since the game’s first installment launched back in 2012. Gamers who have yet to play that first iteration can catch its Definitive Edition on PS4 and Xbox One now.

How will you play when Dishonored 2 launches this coming Nov. 11? The game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned to We Write Things for more things gaming and Dishonored 2.

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