Square Enix Montreal has been at the forefront of one of the most creative, fun, and entertaining movements in video games. Their GO series has captured the minds of gamers, not just ones who enjoy mobile games, but console gamers as well.

The GO concept is a way for Square Enix to take existing franchises and showcase them in a completely new way that gamers have yet to see. The small team that works on these exciting mobile titles has already put out several successful iterations in their concept, with games like Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO earning the adoration of gamers far and wide.

Hitman GO released back in April 2014, and Lara Croft GO debuted last August. With no new iteration yet in 2016, the gap left gamers wondering what franchise could be next to receive the GO treatment. Many wondered if Final Fantasy would be the game to earn the GO ahead, but as it turns out, Deus Ex GO is the next project coming from Square Enix Montreal.

Perhaps what was most striking to me when I first laid eyes on Deus Ex Go was how different looking it was from the previous two GO installments. Deus Ex has always has a unique look and feel to it, and Deus Ex Go captures the abstractness of the series’ world in a brilliant way.

From the five or six levels I saw, gold and black were the prominent colors of each level. Not only that, but enemies I had to take out also had that great Deus Ex flair in the form of augments. Any time I stepped into a certain enemy’s field of view, they automatically augmented or used some sort of ability that made them immune to any attack I could manage.

It is in this game mechanic that gamers will need to be strategic with how they react and move forward from there. I took a more stealthy approach by moving to a row of move points where I knew the enemy could not attack me, and then let the enemy’s movement pattern run its course.

In every instance like this, gamers will need to be thoughtful with how exactly they get past these enemies because unless you are behind, without them having activated their augment, you cannot take them out.

DXGO Ch 1 Level 3
Jensen using his cloak augment in Deus Ex Go (Courtesy of Square Enix)

Square Enix Montreal has made sure augments for Adam Jensen have been integrated into Deus Ex Go’s gameplay. One of the first augments I found was the cloak augment, and this was an item I could collect and then pick when to use.

Gamers should carefully consider when they chose to use their stealth augment because it’s a one-and-done deal for each one you pick up. I really enjoyed this facet of the gameplay, as it should create a necessary dimension of tactful immersion, even on the early levels.

DXGO Ch 1 Level 8
Turrets will be some of the most challenging obstacles in the early levels of Deus Ex Go (Courtesy of Square Enix).

Another piece of the strategy pie that came into play were turrets, which appeared on some of the later levels I saw. If you walk in front of a turret, they will shoot you down, but this is where the hacking augment comes into play for gamers.

Once they get to a point on a map, they can then activate their hacking ability and chose the turret they wish to hack. This allows gamers to slip past the weapon without being killed. I’m extremely excited to see how augments become an even bigger part of the Deus Ex Go experience, especially as each level progresses.

I had the chance to chat with Square Enix Montreal’s Nicolas Verge about the state of Deus Ex Go and he said the game is nearing completion. It sounds like gamers should expect the game to be released sometime soon.

The GO series is just one of the ways that Square Enix has been able to differentiate itself from the competition in the gaming industry. This franchise is something that most other publishers cannot even come close to in their portfolio, and it’s a credit to Square Enix for taking the creative risk to produce this series.

Deus Ex Go is scheduled to release sometime this year, though we do not have an exact release date quite yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest as news emerges.

Jensen running away from an enemy who has activated an augment (Courtesy of Square Enix).
Jensen running away from an enemy who has activated an augment (Courtesy of Square Enix).

Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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