The underrated PB&J just got a makeover. The sammie we all loved as kids is back and kicking some serious ass — at breakfast. 

As adults, we have responsibilities. As much as we might love to stay in bed all day on Saturdays, unfortunately, it’s not usually an option. Case in point: Wake up at 7:15am (from the dog jumping on the bed), continue to lay in bed for another 30 minutes with the pooch and hubby, finally get up because you know why the dog jumped on the bed in the first place, take the dog for a walk in the whopping 20° weather, come home and get dog’s breakfast ready. Pause. Start dusting, clean the bathrooms, sweep the floors, mop the floors, vacuum. Breathe. 

What better way to reward your oh so adulty-ness behavior than a PB&J… #amiright? Although, this time around, your beloved PB&J has been upgraded for an appropriate adult breakfast. [Read on.]

Step 1: Brew coffee

Step 2: Spread crunchy organic PB on both sides of bread

Step 3: Top PB with organic orange marmalade

Step 4: Slice blackberries and strategically place on one piece of bread

Step 5: Slap your sammie together and place it in a hot pan

Step 6: Flip to cook other side (your an adult but I can’t ruin the step process here okay?)

Step 7: Slice diagonally (cuz we fancy huh)

Step 8: Set coffee next to breakfast and read said adult weekend paper

adult pbj

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