Three Fields Entertainment has been working on a fun, explosive project called Danger Zone. The game is directly inspired by Crash mode from the Burnout games, and it will make you think in ways you didn’t before. Danger Zone is an entertaining exercise in brainstorming the best ways to create as many fender benders as possible.

This is a fun experience you can pick up anytime and feel like you accomplish something, even if you only play for 20 minutes or so. I really enjoyed how the gameplay is straightforward and simple to grasp. That said, understanding what it takes to net a gold medal on each of the 20 levels is another thing.

Each of the 20 levels you’ll encounter is designed with unique intricacies. Gamers are rewarded with cash for the crashes they cause. Simply put, the bigger the collisions, the better. Oh and when you rack up a certain number of crashes, you’ll earn the SmashBreaker ability.

This particular feature allows you to explode everything around you. Here is where you can really rack up the cash totals. SmashBreakers are game-changers and you should be very careful with when you use them. While you will likely only earn a SmashBreaker or two in a given run, it is possible to net multiple ones.

The bigger explosions and collisions, the higher chance for success (Courtesy of Three Fields Entertainment).

Icons are littered throughout each level and they can net you things like bonus cash as well as additional SmashBreakers. Going out of your way for the bonus cash is not something I recommend. In the end, the SmashBreakers will be where you’ll make your money. To chart your success, leaderboards show where your destruction ranks against other players. You can also see how many attempts they made in order to reach the score they earned.

Timing is everything in Danger Zone. It is essential to understand the pattern of traffic, as each level possesses different variations. Some lineups have a slew of sedans, which net smaller cash portions compared to SUVs and trucks. Other lineups contain larger vehicles, and will be more than worth going after.

Knowing where cars will be and when will help you decide when to crash and when to burn. Using your SmashBreaker too early can result in a missed opportunity, while using it at the right time can net you millions. It is definitely best to play levels multiple times in order to completely understand the ideal strategy.

It will be rare for you to net yourself a gold or silver medal on the first run. Knowing the ins and outs of each level takes time to grasp, though I’m sure there are those who will diligently watch the fly overs prior to each level and gain an advantage that way. These give gamers a preview of how the level is setup and the traffic patterns you’ll encounter. 

Set em up so you can knock em down (Courtesy of Three Fields Entertainment).

Lead foot drivers will likely find themselves struggling at first. Speed is a necessity, but it is with control and tact added in. You can crash rather easily, so knowing how to interfere with traffic is crucial to racking up a high score. You can make contact with vehicles on the road, but you should do so with care. Hitting them too hard will disable your car, so ease is your means.

Runs for each level take no more than a minute or two. You’ll quickly move through attempts for each level and hopefully learn as you go. During your early attempts, it is crucial to recognize your tendencies and try a variety of approaches. This will lead to the biggest explosions and scores.

When you finally do conduct a gargantuan wreck, the results are certainly satisfying. It isn’t just first impact that makes you feel like you accomplished something. It is the aftermath of multiple vehicles continuing to crash into already wrecked cars. At that point, you’ll enjoy the skyrocketing cash totals for that level.

Danger Zone does require a lot of experimenting and a keen eye for how you earn cash. However, this game is a wonderfully fun experience where you can let loose and blow stuff up. If you’re looking for a fun smash and crash experience where you blow up car after car and get paid for it, then Danger Zone is for you.

It’s a simple and entertaining experience that can fit into any lifestyle. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on gaming. Three Fields Entertainment provided We Write Things with a PS4 code of Danger Zone for the purposes of this review.

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