The holiday season is finally here and now is the time to enjoy some delicious holiday cocktails. I encourage all of you to go beyond the conventional Egg Nog or Irish Coffee recipes and try something new.

Whiskey is always a wonderful spirit to create delicious drinks with. It is a very versatile spirit and can serve as a strong foundation for many recipes out there. Maker’s 46 is an outstanding whiskey that’s excellent when enjoyed up or neat. Any whiskey drinker will love the palate Maker’s 46 delivers, but there’s more it can do.

For those looking to enjoy the whiskey in a different light, I’m here to say it works perfectly with these new recipes. The two cocktails we’ll be discussing are the Sage it Ain’t So. In order to make this drink you’ll need Maker’s 46, cachaça, lemon verbena sage syrup, a lemon, Boston Bitters, strainer, ice and a coupe glass.

The Sage it Ain’t So is simple in the fact that you’ll combine all ingredients at once. Order isn’t something you should worry about, but precise measurements are. Add in one and one fourth parts (ounces) of Maker’s 46, three fourth parts of cachaça, three fourth parts of lemon verbena sage syrup, one part of fresh squeezed lemon juice and three dashes of Boston Bitters.

I chose to shake the contents to make sure all of the ingredients were mixed well. If you want to use a stirrer, that is another option as well. After you are satisfied with the blend, strain the contents into your coupe glass and enjoy. There is no garnish required for this cocktail, simply serve it as is.

Sage it Ain’t So has an excellent balance between the lemon notes and the bolder tastes of Maker’s 46. This is a perfect evening drink to enjoy before a meal or if you feel so compelled, during a holiday afternoon. Folks who are local in Denver, CO should head over to Beast + Bottle where this cocktail is being poured.

Maker's 46 is an excellent gift for this holiday (Courtesy of Maker's Mark).
Maker’s 46 is an excellent gift for this holiday (Courtesy of Maker’s Mark).

Switching gears to our second recipe, Maker’s 46 is also excellent in a slightly warmer drink. That is what you will find when you make yourself The Baked Apple 46. You will need to have on hand Maker’s 46, apple brandy, cinnamon syrup, baked apple bitters, a smoked cinnamon stick, lemon twist, rocks glass, ice, mixing glass and a lighter.

First, fill up your rocks glass with ice and move it aside. This is done so the glass is cold when enjoying the beverage. You can also simply put the rocks glass in the freezer for a half hour and the same effect is accomplished.

Add into your mixing glass two parts Maker’s 46, one half part of apple brandy, one fourth part of cinnamon syrup and two dashes of baked apple bitters. Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir it for 10 seconds. If you did add ice into your rocks glass, go ahead and empty the ice.

Now you may be wondering about the smoked cinnamon stick. Take a stick and with your lighter heat the end of your cinnamon stick. You will see smoke come from the stick and that is when you should rim it around the inside of your rocks glass.

If you can create a 2 inch ice cub, place that into your rocks glass. Then, go ahead and strain the contents from the mixing glass into the rocks glass. Finally, make yourself a lemon twist and place it into your glass for garnish. This will provide a bit of a zest to an otherwise deliciously warm cocktail.

I’d highly recommend The Baked Apple 46 as more of a dessert or after meal cocktail. With its warmer characteristics than the Sage it Ain’t So, The Baked Apple 46 serves as a wonderful bookend to any holiday evening.

Maker’s 46 is a masterfully balanced whiskey that will please any whiskey lover this holiday. Cocktails are always a great way to celebrate the holidays, but make sure you do so responsibly. Stick around here at We Write Things for more delicious cocktail recipes.


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