Seasonal beers are coming in fast and furious in the craft beer industry, and many of them are bringing darker brews into the picture. Breckenridge Brewery is home to one of the longest running winter ales in the industry. Christmas Ale is the name of the brew that has been around for more than 20 years.

Originally released in 1993, and released every winter since, Christmas Ale is an American Style Strong Ale. The beer brings a perfect palate for the colder winter months of the year. A largely complex presentation makes up the Christmas Ale, but its bold taste fits quite well.

Beer drinkers who are looking for a stout or porter this winter will surely enjoy Christmas Ale. I highly recommend the ale as one that’ll bolden up your holidays, particularly with the caramel and chocolate notes Christmas Ale possesses. Roasted malts can be thanked for these two flavors.

Christmas Ale also has a fair level of spice or tingle that adds enjoyable warmth to your palate. This comes from the beer’s Chinook and Mt. Hood hops. Chocolate notes were the strongest I detected, but its more than worth noting the fine balance of Breckenridge’s Christmas Ale.

I would say the beer’s drinkability level is fair. It won’t be a beer you’ll have too many of since there is a hefty boldness to its palate. That said, you’ll easily be able to have several of these brews during any holiday meal. The ale pairs nicely with turkey and the same can be said for honey baked ham.

Beer drinkers can look for Breckenridge’s Christmas Ale in retailers across the brewery’s distribution network. It will be available from now until the end of December. The beer has a fair alcohol by volume, which is 7.1 percent ABV. Its International Bitter Units check-in at 22 IBUs. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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