The Nintendo Switch is enjoying a stellar beginning to its time on the market. Since March of this year, the system continues to see massive sales numbers. Retailers like GameStop, Best Buy and others are having a hard time keeping the system in stock.

With the towering demand for the new console, publishers and developers are pushing more support to the Switch. Square Enix is one publisher that’s shifting over more support for Switch. They recently announced MXGP3 will be launching on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Square Enix did not specify a date for when that’ll happen, though I expect a date to come soon. The game is already available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Details on what Switch-specific features, if any, will come with the release later this year are unknown. It’s fair to expect the basics for MXGP3 on Switch though.

“Players will be given the possibility to enjoy all the thrills of one of the most engaging and adrenaline-packed championships dedicated to the 2016 racing season wherever they are, whenever they want,” Square Enix wrote. You can read the official announcement over on the game’s official website.

Square Enix’s big launch title for this fall is Life is Strange: Before the Storm and that’ll debut on Aug. 30. The game is going to serve as a prequel to the original Life is Strange. Deck Nine Studios is the developer behind the upcoming game and it’ll look more closely at the relationship between Chloe and Rachel Amber.

Dontnod is working on an upcoming sequel to the first Life is Strange. Deck Nine’s new title will serve as a good appetizer for gamers in the meantime. It’ll be interesting to see how the prequel embellishes upon an already lively world.

MXGP3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on video games.

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