Heading into the Switch’s launch, Nintendo needed to make a major splash in the console market. As usual, they weren’t interested in competing head-to-head with Sony and Microsoft, so instead, they released another interesting gaming console that pleases both core gamers as well as casual ones.

Since Switch debuted in March of this year, Nintendo has been selling consoles left and right. Retailers have struggled to keep the system in stock due to demand. This is indicative of the growing support for the Switch. I believe it is a long-term sign that the console isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Its predecessor, the Wii U, had a hard time capturing an audience, particularly with the PS4 and Xbox One launching a year after it. This meant Nintendo was forced to make a Switch on the fly, ah thank you. The company pivoted and quickly developed a new system, which is now thriving.

A factor into the console performing so well is gamers know what the PS4 and Xbox One are. In 2012, no one knew what the systems were and I believe that was a major reason why so many ignored the Wii U. Had the system launched later on, perhaps it would have fared better. Gamers were starved for the Xbox One and PS4, so it wasn’t surprising to me that Wii U failed.

Switch’s release comes during a time when both Xbox One and PS4 have been defined. Gamers know exactly what these machines are. Switch does an excellent job of filling a niche that many gamers now yearn to be filled: gaming on the go, and not just gaming, but AAA gaming on the go.

Since its launch, Nintendo has sold close to five million Switch consoles. That number is accurate as of the end of June. That’s right, in a span of four months, the system has sold nearly five million systems. By comparison, the PS4, which is leading sales this generation, sold six million in just under four months.

What is remarkable to me about Switch’s success is how strong its sales are without much support from third parties. Sure, FIFA and Skyrim are two examples of third parties bringing titles to Switch. However, the former feels more like a toss in and the latter is a game that’s six years old.

Ubisoft is bringing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in less than a month. This is a game that might be a breakout hit for Nintendo. Hopefully it’ll show other third parties the type of support the Switch is receiving from fans. If third parties continue to step up support like Ubisoft is doing, then Switch could really be onto something.

The fact that a lot of gamers look at the system differently when compared to the PS4 and Xbox One says a lot. Many people I talk to have a Switch and then one of the big two systems. It’s Switch and another system, not one of the three. This is a priceless benefit Nintendo is enjoying and I think they should exploit it further.

I’m very happy to see Nintendo Switch doing so well because when Nintendo succeeds, the industry is better off for it. The Switch is here for the long-haul, that much seems to be clear. This coming fall’s lineup of games looks to bolster its growth in a big way with Mario + Rabbids and Super Mario Odyssey. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Switch.

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