Difficulty settings are quite common in games that don’t scale difficulty on the fly or anything like that. When different presets are accessible, there are usually somewhere between three to five unique settings. However, with Deep Silver Volition’s upcoming open-world Agents of Mayhem, it has a whopping 15 difficulty levels.

Gamers will join the forces of Mayhem to take on the evil group of Legion. Set in Seoul, South Korea, players will fight to overcome the growing influence of Legion. With a number of unique agents to choose from, Agents of Mayhem promises hours of unique and personalized gameplay.

Pairing with the variety of agents, players will also have a variety of difficulty levels to choose from. Anoop Shekar, who is a project designer at Deep Silver Volition, talked to We Write Things about the near dozen difficult levels players can play in Agents of Mayhem.

“As we’ve found through extensive playtesting, three difficulty levels rarely accommodates our total player base. For some, the game even on the easiest level is too hard. For many others it’s the opposite – they can’t get the challenge high enough. Having more options in that regard allows us to cater to larger segment of our audience. Additionally, since the player can have many agents across a wide range of levels we needed a way to allow players to change the difficulty more discreetly to provide the right challenge for agents at multiple levels.

“The XP and cash boosts were decided through playtesting again. We targeted a specific rate that we wanted players to be able to level their agents and buy items. We then used telemetry data from our play testers to tell us if they were hitting those rates. If not then we adjusted the boost values,” Shekar said.

Choosing your difficulty level will play into how much XP and cash you earn. As you might expect, the higher the difficulty level, the more XP and cash you will earn. This is a fabulous way for Volition to inject player choice into gameplay. While it is a broad choice, it is a very essential one for gamers.

Agents of Mayhem is looking great as it approaches its Aug. 15 release date. We’ll have more to share from our interview with Anoop next week. The game launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Agents of Mayhem.

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