The summer seasonal brew scene is in full swing with breweries all over the country dropping their lighter takes on the ever evolving world of beer. Summer tends to be a time for lighter, more refreshing beers and Sam Adams is leading the way in breadth of selection.

As you remember, we highlighted four of Sam Adams’ summer seasonals. Those included Sam Adams Summer Ale, Porch Rocker, Hefeweizen and Session IPA. Each of these beers embody what it means to be a summer beer. They are beers that are refreshing, yet they still deliver strong character and taste.

In this second edition of our Sam Adams Summer Seasonal review, we’ll tackle three more beers. This new trio includes the Berliner Weisse, Tropic of Yuzu and Golden Hour. All three of these beers carry with them a certain crispness, yet they all differentiate themselves from one another excellently.

Logo for Sam Adams Berliner Weisse (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

Berliner Weisse is one of my favorite summer beer types, as it can be a friendly introduction to sour beer. Sour beer is, of course, a popular beer type that is spreading across the country. Depending on the brewery, Berliner Weisse can be a terrific starting point for sour beer.

Sam Adams’ Berliner Weisse is a lighter intro to some of the sour beers out there. While it isn’t a sour, per se, this beer possesses entry-level hints of a sour you’ll find in bolder sours out there. The beer is still quite refreshing and this is born from the lemon notes you’ll find in its aromas and palate.

This Berliner Weisse contains a very straightforward and refreshing palate. While the white wheat is detectable, it doesn’t provide that overbearing, Belgiumy taste you’ll find in some beers with said ingredient. Its crispness and tartness both outweigh the white wheat. The overall presentation turns in a refreshing, light experience.

I really enjoy this beer because of its refreshing taste as well as its drinkability. This beer won’t chase you away with the white wheat, nor will it chase you away with its tart notes. Sam Adams Berliner Weisse is a delicious summer beer fit for the sunniest of days. Its balance will beg you to come back for more than just one.

Tropic of Yuzu artwork in all its glory (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

You might take one look at the Tropic of Yuzu label and think its too crazy for you. The name and overall appearance of the label might provide a misleading perception. However, this beer smashes that thought and delivers a wonderfully tasty wheat experience.

Some beers can hit beer drinkers over the head with fruit ingredients or over-stylized styles, but Tropic of Yuzu is surprisingly precise. I say its precise because its citrusy, fruit-punch notes let you know they’re present, instead of being loud and obnoxious to your palate.

Aromas I detected immediately were a subtle fruit punch and grapefruit. These setup the palate quite well, as the overall presentation isn’t too different. Some citrus hints show up in the palate. However, it is the grapefruit punch notes that came through most notably for me.

While this isn’t the most drinkable beer in the world, it certainly is worth having a few of in one sitting. Its presentation doesn’t destroy the palate, thanks to its well-balanced recipe. Sam Adams Tropic of Yuzu is a great beer for steady sipping, and yes, even for a hot summer’s day.

Artwork for Sam Adams Golden Hour (Courtesy of Sam Adams).

Sam Adams Fresh As Helles is one of their seasonals, which is available from February to May of each year. The ale provides beer drinkers with a crisp beverage for the early months in the year. While you might wish that beer was a year round release, Sam Adams has packaged up another Helles for its Summer Seasonal 12-pack.

Sam Adams Golden Hour is a helles lager and is quite relatable to the Fresh As Helles. Much like the other beers we’ve discussed in this review, Golden Hour is a very refreshing, light and crisp beer. It has tremendous drinkability and fits perfectly with any type of summer day.

The Golden Hour is a simple helles lager that you will find great refreshment in. The nose doesn’t possess any standout notes, as most beer drinkers will find it to be straightforward. Its malt notes come across clearly during the overall presentation, as does its subtle hop.

Once again, Sam Adams has another fine summer beer on its hands. The Golden Hour is a friendly introduction those who have yet to get into the world of beers. It is a crisp and refreshing example of a beer done right. Sam Adams has some incredible summer beers for those looking for simple refreshment. The fall will surely have much of the same in store. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Sam Adams.

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