Next week will kick off the 2017 edition of E3 and companies from all over the world will gather. Gaming publishers will showcase their biggest titles for 2017 and beyond, and the world will be watching. Once again, Sony and Microsoft are two of the biggest players at E3 2017.

Microsoft will be showcasing its mid-generation system upgrade in the form of Project Scorpio. The powerful new system will receive plenty of the details gamers are looking forward to hearing about. Things such as price, release date and launch lineup will likely all be part of Xbox’s showing.

Sony, on the other hand, does not have any new hardware to bring to E3 2017. Thus, it will be more difficult for the company to surpass what Microsoft is bringing. That said, there is a way for Sony to compete and even overtake Microsoft’s impressive E3 lineup.

First and foremost, Sony will need to drop prices across all of their hardware. Sony has already stated the base PS4 will be discounted to $249 starting today. The limited pricing sounds like it’ll run from now until the nine “Days of Play” are finished. This is the first step in Sony having a solid showing at E3.

Another element I feel could be very powerful for Sony is if they drop the price on Pro. PS4 Pro made its debut last year and it really hasn’t seen much of a focus from Sony. This E3 needs to see Sony showcase PS4 Pro in its press briefing and show off all games running on the system.

Having games that illustrate Pro’s capability will surely go a long way in convincing gamers. That’s been the hesitation many people have had about PS4 Pro. Aside from slight visual upgrades, how exactly is PS4 Pro enhancing the gaming experience? Games like God of War and Days Gone will be key to this at E3.

PS4 Pro’s price is something I feel Sony needs to drop at E3. The system is going to be dwarfed by Scorpio’s power and specs, so Sony needs to make the system even more accessible. While the current $399 price tag might be lower then Scorpio’s eventual price, dropping the cost to $349 will do wonders for the console. This would be a great counter to Scorpio’s introduction.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, software will be an essential aspect of Sony’s showing. Scorpio’s pricing will be what it is, and then after that, it’s about the games for it. The same is true of Sony. It seems the new Spider-Man games from Insomniac Games will be at E3 2017.

Additionally, Days Gone and God of War will make their respective appearances. PlayStation’s hallowed racing franchise Gran Turismo will be at the show in the form of Gran Turismo Sport. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part II is also expected to appear at E3. Sony will surely have other surprises, and perhaps a game announcement from studios like Sucker Punch.

If Sony can show up with release dates for some of the titles above, then that will go a long way in securing a solid showing at E3 2017. The company tends to have excellent appearances at E3, however, they then struggle to release games in a timely matter. 2017 release dates for two or three major PS4 games will make E3 for Sony.

These are some of the things I feel will make Sony’s E3 showing essential to competing with Project Scorpio. It’s the nature of hardware that Microsoft will have an exciting showing. Everyone wants to know more about Scorpio and the games coming to the system. Unless Xbox totally bombs the new system’s showcase, Scorpio is going to be very hard to beat at E3.

We’ll all find out what happens when Microsoft’s showcase takes place on Sunday, June 11. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Xbox and PlayStation.

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