You may be in the market for a new PS4 in the coming months. While there will certainly be holiday discounts come November, Sony is apparently firing up the price drops early. Gamers who are in the market for a new PS4, you have suddenly been handed a golden opportunity.

Today, Sony is officially confirming PS4 will drop to $249 for a limited time starting June 9. The firm is also confirming they will sell a gold PS4 with a 1TB HDD storage. The $249 price is being called a “limited-time promotional price,” but no ending date has been listed for the discount.

The gold PS4 will have a matching gold DualShock 4 wireless controller as well. It sounds like this gold PS4 SKU will only be available for a limited time. Sony urges prospective buyers, “make sure not to miss out.”

All of this is part of Sony’s “Days of Play campaign,” during which they’ll showcase a number of PlayStation deals. Sony is promising discounts on “hardware, peripherals, and PS4 exclusive games” through June 17. The deals will begin on June 9, which is this Friday.

The $249 gold PS4 will be available throughout the 9 “Days of Play.” Sony is also confirming that their Gold Wireless Stereo Headset will be cheaper. It will be on sale for $79.99 in the Jet Black style. Additionally, Sony is offering a trio of hit PS4 exclusives at a cheaper price.

PS4’s NiohHorizon Zero Dawn and MLB: The Show 17 will all be on sale for $39.99. It sounds like other games will be on sale, in addition to these PS4 exclusives. We’ll have to wait to find out which ones that includes. Sony will be hosting its annual E3 briefing on Monday, June 12. The show will kick off at 6 p.m. PDT. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on PS4.

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