Summer is approaching and that means the beers brewers produce are getting lighter. Many summer seasonals you’ll see reside in the lighter, less hoppy side of beer. Many stouts are hibernating for the summer as are bold pale ales and IPAs. Lagers, kolschs, pilsners and wheat are now taking the summer spotlight.

Guinness has been creating some excellent brews through their Brewer’s Project, and they have another brilliant beer on their hands. I’m happy to say Guinness Irish Wheat is one of their best beers yet. The wheat goes magnificently well with the warmer months, and is incredibly drinkable.

Beer drinkers who are fans of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy will absolutely adore Guinness Irish Wheat. Its citrusy hints and lemon zest will pull you in one beer after another. Guinness’s new wheat certainly reminds me of the Summer Shandy and I’d have to say I love both of them equally.

Guinness Irish Wheat isn’t quite as lemony or citrusy as Summer Shandy and that’s a good thing. In order to establish its own identity, Irish Wheat brings that familiar lemon zest to its presentation while tossing in hints of banana for originality. The banana may make the wheat initially come across more as a hefeweizen would, however, don’t worry because it’s just the banana making its presence known.

This beer is incredibly drinkable and I’d recommend it to any wheat beer lover. I would also recommend it to someone who might be newer to beer. If this is your first beer ever though, you might want to start with a kolsch or lager. However, if you’re familiar with beer, then by all means, have at a Guinness Irish Wheat. It will not chase you away with its tasting notes and in fact might make you a wheat fan instantly.

12-packs of Guinness Irish Wheat are available for $9.99 in their usual 11.2 oz. bottles. The brewer did confirm Irish Wheat is a limited release, though no timeframe was confirmed. I’d expect the beer to be around for the summer and look to disappear as the fall arrives. Jasmin Winterer, who came up with the idea for Irish Wheat, spoke about what inspired the beer’s creation.

“I wanted to help create the best wheat beer outside of Germany. The style is familiar, but if you look closer, you’ll see how we made it distinctly Guinness – this beer uses 100% wheat sourced in Ireland and the very same yeast that goes into our world famous stout,” Winterer said.

Guinness Irish Wheat joins an already released lineup of craft beers, which includes Rye Pale Ale, Antwerpen Stout, Nitro IPA and Blonde American Lager. I highly recommend giving this wheat beer a go if you’re someone who enjoys wheats. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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