Vodka has been produced in a similar fashion for years, no matter the distiller. Different companies have their own ways of varying up the formula. Flavors can help create unique vodkas, however, there’s only so many ways to vary up what has become a traditional spirit.

The distillers at Bellion Spirits believe they have come up with a next generation avenue for crafting spirits. Via its NTX Technology, Bellion has created a brand-new vodka. NTX Tech uses a combination of “FDA approved ingredients.” These include glycyrrhizin-licorice root extract, manna sugar and potassium sorbate.

Bellion reckons the technology “protects the liver,” thanks to its formula. Distillers bring NTX into different spirits during the middle part of the manufacturing process. As it relates to Bellion Vodka, specifically, the spirit is indeed gluten free. It is distilled six times and is also carbon filtered.

To its credit, Bellion Vodka possesses one of the smoothest palates I have come across in a while. It contains sweet notes at first taste and ends with a clean finish. There is very, very little burn, something I find in even some of the best vodkas out there. It is quite the smooth presentation and is a vodka worth experiencing.

Bellion Vodka does a fine job of blending in with traditional vodka cocktails. For a simple vodka and tonic, Bellion blends quite nicely and even its subtle sweet notes add a tasty dynamic that other vodkas don’t provide. Another simple cocktail is the traditional cranberry and vodka. Bellion manages to stand up nicely in this cocktail as well, though it’s difficult for most vodkas not to go well with cranberry juice.

Bellion Vodka’s NTX Technology took over 10 years to create. NTX’s inventor Harsha Chigurupati apparently spent over $40 million in research and clinical trials to create NTX. Bellion is now available in more than 22 states and will be out nationally by the end of May. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on spirits.

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