Bulleit is by far one of the most accessible and drinkable whiskeys when it comes to cocktails or pairings. The spirit sports a Rye and a Bourbon that support many different concoctions you can think of. While there are a number of excellent cocktails both whiskeys mix well with, craft beer pairings are what I’ll be speaking of today.

Both Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye stand firmly as whiskeys that pair very well with craft beer. The type of beer you prefer with your Bulleit will vary. With how diverse palates are these days, one person’s favorite whiskey and beer combination can be another’s nightmare. You’ll find more varying results in the type of beer a person drinks. However, I’m happy to give you some recommendations for what I found to pair well with Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye.

A bottle of Bulleit Bourbon.

Bulleit Bourbon is the first spirit I sampled and then I paired it with an Odell Runoff Red IPA, a seasonal brew from Odell Brewing. This particular ale fits surprisingly well with the Bourbon, simply because the red ale notes of the Red IPA come through fare greater than its hoppy notes.

Typically, a lager or amber ale are the distiller’s pick for the Bourbon, however, there are some IPAs, like Odell’s, that fit nicely with it. For those curious about whether or not a lager hangs with Bulleit Bourbon, it certainly does. Steamworks Brewing Company brews a Colorado Kolsch Ale and it matches up magnificently with Bulleit Bourbon. This year round light beer sports an excellent body, balancing well with the dry finish of the Bourbon.

Lastly, Breckenridge’s Avalanche Ale, which is an amber ale, matches the best with Bulleit Bourbon. The amber carries a smooth malt presence, and is a flavor that passes well between it and Bulleit Bourbon. Pairing the Bourbon with different types of beer is an excellent way to see what types of beer fit and which ones don’t. That said, one beer type you can shoot down right now is sour beer. That is not for whiskey pairing on any level. Palates beware.

A bottle of Bulleit Rye.

Switching gears, let’s talk about Bulleit Rye, the other spirit from the fine distiller. The same Odell Runoff Red IPA fits perfectly well with the Bulleit Rye. Their finishes, two of a crisp nature, transfer nicely when sipping between each beverage. IPAs are a distillery recommended beer type for the Bulleit Rye, and despite the red ale presence of the Runoff Red, it still works very well.

Another beer type I feel is worth pairing up with the Bulleit Rye is a straight up red ale. This beer type often carries characteristics found in IPAs or Pale Ales, simply for its sometimes hoppy nature. Obviously, it depends on the red you are drinking, but this is another beer type I certainly believe is worth experimenting with.

Blonde ales are another distiller recommended type of beer for the Bulleit Rye. I would recommend not using fruitier blonde ales because those ingredients can clash with the finish of the Bulleit Rye. Something straight up like Ska Brewing’s True Blonde Ale works very well with the Rye. Its crisp and smooth palate matches up very well with the vanilla and honey notes of the Rye, in addition to the spirit’s also crisp finish.

Craft beer and whiskey possess great variety in their types and varieties. There are so many fun and interesting ways to enjoy tasty whiskeys like Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye. While cocktails may be your go to with the Bulleit, I highly recommend trying it with anyone of the aforementioned brews. Except sour beers. They’re real. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on spirits and craft beer.

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