It’s getting to be spring time once again. That can only mean blossoming flowers, warmer weather and of course, the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day. Today marks St. Patty’s Day 2017, and folks around the country are undoubtedly planning out their days by now.

For those of you who are wanting to stir up some St. Patty’s Day fun on your own, We Write Things has a small handful of cocktails for you to consider. The recipes we’ll be talking about today are the Shamrock Cooler, Fancy Bourbon Punch, Lucky Verde Shooter and Green With Envy. Maker’s Mark Bourbon will be the spirit that stars in the first two drinks, while Tres Agaves Reposado shines in the final two.

Shamrock Cooler is the first cocktail we’ll discuss in this St. Patty’s Day feature. This drink is fairly involved, so make sure you follow the necessary steps. In order to create a Shamrock Cooler, you’ll need to have on hand serrano-infused Maker’s Mark Bourbon, freshly squeezed lime juice, agave syrup, salt, ice, tarragon, blender, serrano pepper, a rocks glass and airtight container.

Creating the serrano-infused Maker’s Mark Bourbon is a fairly simple process, though you’ll need a few days to complete it. Simply add two cups of Maker’s Mark Bourbon into an airtight container. Take one piece of serrano pepper, cut it in half and then deseed it. Add the pepper into the airtight container and let it macerate for a minimum of two days. Keep the liquid refrigerated and gently shake the container twice each day.

After that, you’ll have your serrano-infused Maker’s Mark ready to go. Then, you’ll place one cup of ice into a blender. Next, add in two parts serrano-infused Maker’s Mark Bourbon, one part freshly squeezed lime juice, one half part agave syrup, a pinch of salt and four sprigs of tarragon.

Turn the blender on high until the ice is pureed and then you’re ready to enjoy a Shamrock Cooler. This cocktail is a refreshing and tasty recipe that’ll go nicely with whatever other libations you choose to enjoy on St. Patty’s Day.

The Shamrock Cooler in its finished form (Courtesy of Maker’s Mark).

The second Maker’s Mark cocktail is the Fancy Bourbon Punch. This too will take sometime to make, but it is oh so worth it. In order to create some Fancy Bourbon Punch, you’ll need to have on hand Maker’s Mark Bourbon, granulated sugar, lemons, oranges, green tea, champagne, punch bowl or pitcher, muddler and stirrer.

First, you’ll peel three lemons and one orange and add those peels into your punch bowl, along with one cup of granulated sugar. Muddle those ingredients together until the sugar begins to clump together. Allow the ingredients to sit for a few hours, as this provides additional complexity to the final drink.

Next, brew one liter of green tea and after it has been completed, allow it to cool. Next, squeeze the juice from your orange and lemons into the punch bowl. Then add in one liter of green tea, followed by one liter of Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Stir the contents until you’re satisfied with the blend.

From there, you’ll top off the punch bowl with 250 ml of champagne and then stir gently. If you wish, top the mixture off with freshly grated nutmeg, but this is not a requirement. The Fancy Bourbon Punch is a delicious and fitting drink for any warm St. Patty’s Day celebration.

What finished look of Fancy Bourbon Punch (Courtesy of Maker’s Mark).

It’s time to switch gears from Maker’s Mark Bourbon-based drinks to those starring Tres Agaves Reposado Tequila. The first drink we’ll discuss is the Lucky Verde Shooter, which requires a slightly less level of involvement as the previous two cocktails we have profiled.

In order to create a Lucky Verde Shooter, you’ll need to have on hand Tres Agaves Reposado, verde mix and two double shot glasses. First, in order to create your verde mix, go ahead and blend together one tomatillo, one cucumber, one celery stalk, one tablespoon of cilantro and two to three dashes of green tabasco.

You’ll add salt and pepper at your own discretion. Just make sure you taste the mixture as you add these two ingredients. From there, it’s a fairly simple process. Fill up one shot glass with Tres Agaves Reposado and fill the other up with the verde mix you made.

You’ll shoot the reposado shot first, followed by the shot of verde mix. This is a quick and simple way to enjoy a unique concoction on St. Patrick’s Day.

The Lucky Verde Shooter is a quick and tasty shooter (Courtesy of Tres Agaves).

The final cocktail we’ll discuss today is the Green With Envy. This particular beverage is a bit more complex to create, compared to the Lucky Verde Shooter. However, the Green With Envy is a delightfully refreshing drink that carries a unique spice to it, something I think many will enjoy.

In order to create a Green With Envy, you’ll need to have on hand Tres Agaves Reposado, lime, honey water, green pepper, cayenne, shaker, strainer, lowball glass, sea salt, ice and white pepper rim. First, add into your shaker one and three fourth parts Tres Agaves Reposado, three fourth parts lime, three fourth parts honey water, two to three pieces of green pepper and a pinch of cayenne.

Shake the contents up thoroughly until you are happy with the consistency. From there, go ahead and rim your lowball glass with a blend of cayenne, sea salt and white pepper. If you wish, add a few ice cubes into your lowball glass. Then strain the liquid from your shaker into the lowball glass and you are ready to enjoy.

Turning your palate Green With Envy (Courtesy of Tres Agaves).

St. Patty’s Day is finally here, and We Write Things hopes you enjoy the day and do so responsibly. Stick around here at We Write Things for more cocktail recipes.

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