Oskar Blues Brewery has made some of the tastiest hoppy beers over the last few years. With the arrival of beers like the Metamodern and Pinner IPAs, the company continues to show its ability to craft excellent hoppy beer. As the brewery continues to grow, they continue to release beloved brews of the past.

For the six year running, Oskar Blues Brewery is selling their hefty, hoppy Gubna Imperial IPA. Each time Oskar Blues releases the Gubna, they alter its hops, keeping it fresh and never boring. The brewery says this year’s version of the brew possesses a specific focus on the “sticky-icky” and plenty of hops to go with it.

The blend of hops Oskar Blues Brewery is using in the Gubna Imperial IPA includes Azacca, Sterling and Crystal. These were picked out by “sensory panels” from each of the three Oskar Blues breweries. The Gubna checks in with 100 IBUs (International Bitter Units) and an alcohol volume of 10 percent.

The bitterness of the beer is certainly nothing minor, as those who aren’t a huge fan of bitter beers may want to steer clear of this guy. Its highly alcohol content makes this beer one you’ll want to slowly enjoy, not quickly drink. Tim Matthews, who is the head of brewing operations, spoke about the Gubna’s return.

“The traditional hops beat out some newer, experimental varietals this year, which surprised many of us  here at OB. But the hops just spoke to the nearly 100 employees that participated in GUBNA hop selection and we must obey the rub,” Matthews said.

For tasting notes, beer drinkers can expect “big zesty lime and orange flavors, with a spicy/herbal sweet aroma and all the dank you’d expect from the intense hop” brew. The Gub IIPA contains a foundation of Rye, North American and Munich malts. These bring a smooth and flavorful structure to the hoppy palate.

Oskar Blues will only be selling the Gubna on draft across the country, in order to “preserve Gubna’s finest quality” possible. They will sell 12 oz. cans of the beer to-go in their Colorado and North Carolina taprooms. The Gubna Imperial IPA is available now. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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