Sam Adams possesses a diverse portfolio of craft beers that include all types from their traditional Sam Adams Boston Lager, to Rebel IPA, to their Nitro Coffee Stout. Throughout each year, Sam Adams delivers a slew of seasonal brews and just now hitting store shelves is the crisp and delicious Sam Adams Fresh As Helles.

This beer is available from now until the month of May and fits quite nicely with spring. With the months getting warmer and the outdoors coming into the fold, Fresh As Helles fits perfectly. As most Helles go, Sam Adams’ take on the beer type is a very drinkable and crisp one.

The beer goes great with just about any meal that asks for a beer. Fresh As Helles is something you can enjoy several of, and its presentation will not wear out your palate. Hoppy, darker and sour beers can wear down a palate after one or two, but Fresh As Helles does not.

Beer drinkers will be delighted with its accessibility. Newcomers to beer in general might even find the Fresh As Helles to be a great starting place. This beer will not scare you away with a fierce hoppy taste, nor will it smash a heavy sour over your head. Fresh As Helles is a friendly delight.

Mandarina is the one and only hop in the beer, and orange blossom pedals give it a small, citrusy personality. For a helles, the beer packs quite a punch with a 5.4 percent alcohol by volume. Many helles can find themselves in the four percent range. With where the Fresh As Helles is, it gives folks good bang for their buck.

Whether you are about to hit the slopes for a day on the mountain or are simply enjoying a warm spring day at the park, Fresh As Helles is a refreshing, tasty beer that rolls well with all things springtime. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on craft beer.

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