Open-world games are great simply for the level of freedom they grant players. When a person picks up the controller, they are free to go anywhere they want. Often times, how they get to where they are going is dependent upon the player as well. Ubisoft is a leader in the open-world genre and they’re about to launch their next game, Ghost Recon Wildlands.

This will mark the first time the Ghost Recon series has gone into the open-world genre. It is a new start for the franchise and Ubisoft is doing it in a big way. The massive land of Bolivia will serve as the canvas for players to paint their gameplay masterpieces on.

Massive size and depth are two clear elements in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The things you can do might even seem endless to some. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Ghost Recon Wildlands senior producer Nouredine Abboud spoke about the game’s ultimate potential.

“Me and some guys from the team, we actually keep playing and trying to look at things. The thing I really love is the social aspect. There were three of us, with some new guy, and for me, this game is limitless. No matter how often you play the game, you’re always going to come across somebody who is going to approach it in a new way,” Abboud said.

Dozens and dozens of missions await players in Wildlands and how they choose to play is up to them. Being able to play with others online will be a great catalyst for emergent gameplay, as well as good times with friends. For those who wish to play alone, Ubisoft is giving them the chance to do that too.

PS4 Pro will be the most powerful console that Ghost Recon Wildlands launches on. The hardware has some incredibly impressive capabilities. I wanted to know if PS4 Pro’s version of Wildlands will be looking much different from other versions we’ll see. Abboud said, visually speaking, they’ll get the most out of Wildlands, no matter the platform.

“Every platform we are working on has to deliver the full promise of the gameplay. This is very important because when you’re buying the game, no matter what the platform, you get the full experience. When it comes to more specifics for each platform, what we do is basically optimize, optimize, optimize. It is the best of both worlds because no matter the platform, you are getting the most you can get from the visual point of view. No matter the platform, we have to make sure players get the full experience,” Abboud said.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will release on Tuesday, March 7. The game will debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for much more on Ghost Recon Wildlands.

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