Housemarque is the studio behind some of PS4’s most entertaining games this generation. From their launch title Resogun to their most recent release Alienation, Housemarque has been giving gamers plenty of reasons to enjoy their experiences.

The studio supports the PS4 system and their newest exclusive is the new IP Nex Machina. It is a new top-down voxel shooter that gives players the power of destruction. Everything in the game world can be blown to shreds, and it’ll happen in a glorious way.

Gamers will enter The Zone, which will test a player’s skill and metal. Challenging tasks will be aplenty in The Zone, but you may be wondering what exactly it is. In an exclusive interview with We Write Things, Mikael Haveri, who is the head of publishing at Housemarque, explained what The Zone is in Nex Machina.

“The Zone is a focused zen-like state of mind that you enter when you are playing a game that requires constant attention. Some games allow you to check your phone, but some don’t even allow for a quick glimpse outside the screen. Sometimes The Zone can continue for long times and Zone masters of the arcade era have been able to stay in it for hours. A gamer named ‘Bridy’ very recently played Super Stardust HD for 6h 15mins making the new world record. I would call that an extended Zone,” Haveri said.

The Zone sounds like an environment where your endurance as a player will be key. If you can stand the heat of battle for a lengthy period of time then you’ll be able to survive longer. Housemarque is creating a ruthless environment with The Zone and it is one that will not remain stagnant.

The Zone will evolve throughout your experience, as pacing is a crucial element of it. Gamers who know Resogun will surely recall the phrase “Save The Last Humans.” While it comes in the form of a different game, humans are back as an element of Nex Machina‘s gameplay.

“Pacing is very important in games where tight focus is a must. We of course are making a layered experience where the player can choose to go beyond the necessary. For example, humans are back to be saved, so picking them up will add a layer of complexity that requires a bit more focus. Similarly the end of the game will get gradually harder, and there will be other layers on top of these too,” Haveri said.

Nex Machina will be the newest colorful and explosive experience from Housemarque. The studio is currently working on bringing the game to PS4, but there is no exact release date quite yet. Sony is pegging the game for release sometime during the second quarter of this year. Housemarque’s Nex Machina will release exclusively on PS4. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Nex Machina.

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