Gamers recognize Guerrilla Games for its visual expertise. Their work on the Killzone series set new benchmarks in gaming visuals for their time. The studio is about to launch its next game in the form of Horizon Zero Dawn. With this new open-world RPG, Guerrilla is looking to blow the minds of gamers with their visuals once more.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a new IP for Sony and the game seems to have a ton of momentum heading into its Feb. 28 launch. The game has the look and gameplay of a major hit title, and Sony has high expectations.

As you may know, Horizon Zero Dawn is taking advantage of the power within PS4 Pro. In fact, the studio knew of the system not too long into Horizon‘s development. Horizon Zero Dawn senior producer Samrat Sharma talked about working on PS4 Pro and when they began production on that version of the game.

“Being a Sony studio, we were made aware of what the Pro was and what it was capable of at an early point and then we were given the dev kit to play with and understand what we could do. It was midway through development so we could structure our development process around knowing that we would be shipping on PS4 but also that we could be supporting the Pro,” Sharma told NGGB.

Sony’s first party games are the ones leading the charge in taking advantage of PS4 Pro’s capability. Horizon Zero Dawn is the first PS4 exclusive that will give us a look into what PS4 Pro can do. Guerrilla is taking advantage of the system and Sharma gave us a look into exactly how.

“The Pro is an incredible piece of hardware for us, we’ve really been able to super sample the image for normal 1080p users and get rid of all anti artifacts for even 1080p users and 4k and HDR support. For us it was a really good fit when they said we could work with HDR.

“We have a lush, vibrant space, HDR is perfect for us and we want the colors to pop. It was a perfect fit so everything we learnt about the Pro we though “yeah, we need to do this and this” so we were able to really enjoy working on the Pro as opposed to it being a chore to support a different set of standards,” Sharma said.

Horizon Zero Dawn is going to launch this coming Feb. 28 exclusively for PS4. Our review will be live not too long after launch, so be on the lookout for that. Stick around here at We Write Things for much more on Horizon Zero Dawn.

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