Herradura Tequila prides itself on creating excellent tequila using traditional production methods. However, when it comes to its cocktails, the distillery knows how to keep things fresh. Thanks to the imaginations of several talented Denver bartenders, Herradura is proud to present several new ways to enjoy its fine lineup of tequilas.

Two Denver bartenders were honored by Herradura as having created the best tequila cocktails in town. Nic Lazzareschi and Les Baker are the gentlemen behind the following four cocktails.

Nic will provide his take on the classic drink French 75 as well as the unique Rosemary Horseshoe Margarita. Les adds in his flavor with his vision of a Classic Manhattan as well as the very tasty Cactus Horseshoe Margarita. The first drink we’ll discuss is the French 75 featuring Herradura Silver.

In order to create a French 75, you will need to have on hand Herradura Silver, agave simple syrup, lemon juice, Tecate, sliced strawberries and chile sugar powder. You will also need a lemon, lime and orange twist as well as a muddler, shaker, strainer and a glass like the one below.

First, muddle several strawberries in three fourths of an ounce of agave simple syrup. Next, add in three fourths of an ounce of lemon juice as well as one and a half ounces of Herradura Silver. From there, shake up all of the ingredients until you are happy with the consistency.

At this time, you can can rim your glass with chile sugar powder. Go ahead and then double strain the contents into the glass and top it off with one ounce of Tecate. Finally, for those who wish to add style to their French 75, garnish the drink with the lemon, lime and orange twists you have on hand. This cocktail is quite refreshing and has an interesting finish thanks to its unique ingredients.

The fine finish product of a French 75 starring Herradura Silver (Courtesy of Herradura Tequila).

The second cocktail we’ll shine a light on today is the Rosemary Horseshoe Margarita. This particular beverage is about as involved as the French 75, so nothing too complicated. You will need to make sure you have on hand Herradura Silver, rosemary infused mescal, fresh lime juice, grenadine, angostura bitters, shaker, ice, strainer, torched rosemary sprig, a lime wheel and rocks glass.

First, you must add into your shaker one ounce of Herradura Silver, one ounce of rosemary infused mescal, three fourths of an ounce of fresh lime juice, three fourths of an ounce of grenadine and five dashes of angostura bitters. From here, shake up the contents thoroughly, as balance and blend are very important here.

When you feel the consistency is ideal, go ahead and add ice into your rocks glass. Then strain the contents from your shaker into your rocks glass. For a garnish, go ahead and top the drink with more bitters as well as the torched rosemary sprig and lime wheel. What you will be left with is a tasty margarita that contains a slightly fruity, yet refreshing palate.

Nic Lazzareschi creating his Rosemary Horseshoe Margarita (Courtesy of Herradura Tequila).

Switching gears to the cocktails created by Les Baker, it is time to talk about the Classic Manhattan and the Cactus Horseshoe Margarita. The following two drinks contain about the same level of involvement or time to make. The first delivers an interesting take on a classic cocktail, while the other showcases an excellent margarita.

In order to create a Classic Manhattan, Baker-style, you will need to have on hand Herradura Añejo, cardamaro, picon angostura bitters, Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon, mixing glass, ice, stirrer, strainer and highball glass. First, go ahead and rinse your highball glass with Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon.

Then go ahead and add into your mixing glass two ounces of Herradura Añejo, three fourths of an ounce of cardamaro, one half ounce of picon and three dashes of angostura bitters. Do not shake, but rather simply stir the ingredients thoroughly until you are happy with the consistency.

Next, add several ice cubs into your mixing glass and continue stirring. This will allow the contents to become chilled and ideal for serving. Lastly, strain the liquid into your highball glass, which has already been rinsed with bourbon. There is no need to garnish this particular cocktail as it stands on its own.

The Añejo makes the cocktail’s palate not too far off from what you’ll usually find in a whiskey-based Classic Manhattan. In fact, the tequila delivers a tasty, robust difference. For even the most ardent whiskey or bourbon drinker, it may even convince you to look at Manhattans differently.

The Classic Manhattan with a Herraduran twist (Courtesy of Herradura Tequila).

Last, but definitely not least, on our list of cocktails is the Cactus Horseshoe Margarita. This particular beverage is another excellent example of how you can enjoy margaritas with Herradura.

In order to create a Cactus Horseshoe Margarita, you will need to have on hand Herradura Silver, fresh lime juice, galangal syrup, fresh cactus pedal juice, gentian liqueur, shaker, ice, strainer and Collins glass. Start off by adding ice into your shaker and then go with the ingredients.

Add into your shaker two ounces of Herradura Silver, one ounce of fresh lime juice, one half ounce of fresh cactus pedal juice and one fourth of an ounce of gentian liqueur. Shake the contents up thoroughly until you are happy with the mixture’s balance. Go ahead and add fresh ice into your Collins glass.

Next, take out your strainer and double strain the liquid into your Collins glass. From there, you do not need to add any garnish and are ready to enjoy this subtly sweet, yet refreshing margarita.

Baker’s Cactus Margarita in its finished form (Courtesy of Herradura Tequila).

The following Reposado cocktail was not featured in the ones created by Nic or Les bartenders. However, I’m happy to recommend the Fresh Margarita. This particular drink comes from Herradura Tequila and is one that’s more than worth trying.

In order to create a Fresh Margarita, you will need to have on hand Herradura Reposado, cointreau, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, a shaker, ice, salt and rocks glass. First, fill the shaker you have on hand all the way up with ice.

Then, go ahead and add in one and a half ounces of Herradura Reposado, one half ounces of cointreau, one and a half ounces of agave nectar and one and a half ounces of fresh lime juice. Go ahead and shake the ingredients up until you feel the mixture contains an even balance.

From there, you’ll simply salt the rocks glass on hand. Finally, take your shaker and pour the ingredients into your salt-rimmed rocks glass. There is no need to strain for this cocktail. If you want to toss a lime in your Fresh Margarita feel free, however, I recommend leaving it as is. This particular margarita is a more traditional margarita, but fits well with all three in this feature.

These are just a few of the many drinks you can enjoy using Herradura’s core lineup of spirits. For more delicious Herradura recipes, check out the distillery’s website. Stick around here at We Write Things for more great cocktail recipes.

Creating the Fresh Margarita (Courtesy of Herradura Tequila).

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