Since we’re so far into this watch project (yet so far away), we’ll dispense with the intros, and get straight into the good stuff. Brooke, what was your reaction to the second half of season 2 of The Hills? Any major surprises or shocks? Do you agree yet that Elodie is the best?

The Hills

B: My immediate reaction to the fact that we’ve finished season two is: How have we only watched two seasons of this show? I swear we’ve watched about 873 hours of Lauren Conrad’s life at this point. My next reaction would be that I am thrilled we were treated to another appearance of drunk Lauren. She’s always a high value add. Also: the return of Super Intern, how great was that?

Anyway. No, I don’t think there were any major shocks or surprises. Well, maybe I take that back. I was pretty surprised that Whitney fell on national television in the Oscar dress. But nothing of actual importance to our assorted players surprised me. Spencer continued to be the worst and took Heidi with him. LC got kind of broody, but mostly sassy about the whole thing. Audrina was there. Whitney was the superior intern … until Super Intern Emily showed up to show her up again. All of it progressed as we must expect at this point. Though, I will say that I am pretty on board for Elodie at this point. She upped her eyeroll game considerably, and I approve.

Here’s my big question to start us off. And as I think on it, I realize I take back everything I said. I am STUNNED that there was an unexplored rift between Lo and LC. I’m thrilled that Lo is back on the scene, even with her mom hair. But I think I need you to clarify this whole Jen Bunney-LC-Lo mini-feud. What happened? And did Lauren only reunite with Lo because she was pissed at Bunney? If so … gotta say it, your girl LC is kind of a bad friend. But, tell me the deal before I really weigh in here. Explain the intricacies to me!


A: I regret to inform you that I have no further details on Bunney-LC-LoGate. I recall that the whole issue was over a boy, so this may have been an occurrence during the time when the cameras weren’t rolling on LC’s life? As so often is the case with teenage and early-20s women (as we’ve seen time and again on Laguna and The Hills), the girls tend to blame each other and the dudes get off scott-free. I will also just assume at this point that the boy in question isn’t one of our show characters and therefore doesn’t matter too much.

I don’t know that the reunion only happened because of a riff between LC and Bunney, but I am going again guess that it might have been a catalyst. You know I’m incapable of calling LC a bad friend, but I think she’s putting a lot of trust in people (COUGH HEIDI COUGH) that simply don’t deserve it. We do know from the 10-year anniversary special that Brody and LC weren’t quite the “real” couple they were made out to be on the show, but I think LC was rightfully pissed that one of her oldest friends lied to her. She should give equal blame to Brody for being an equal party to the situation, but I am not holding my breath on that one!

The crux of the drama at this point in the show is Speidi. I don’t know if that tabloid name had even been coined at this point, but it’s clear that Heidi doesn’t know how to be with Spencer and maintain a friendship with LC. Her man explicitly doesn’t like her best friend/roomie, and that’s not an easy situation to maneuver if you refuse to break up with the guy as she clearly should. Brooke, do you think that the drama will ratchet up or slow down now that the girls are no longer sharing an apartment?

Whitney, approaching graduation, is getting antsy and may be the better intern, but she’s “tired of being someone’s intern.” I get it, no one likes being the lackey for too long. She’s clearly earned her way into a full-time position with Teen Vogue (we’ve lost count on the name drops this season…) but we’ll have to see in Season 3 how all of that pans out. Per the infamous Oscar gown fall, I think that while that might be one of the more embarrassing things to happen to a person, the outcome was that none other than Teen Vogue Editor Amy Astley wrote Whit a note saying how she admired her grace handling the situation. I’d have framed that letter, as it’s both a confidence boost and a reminder that mistakes are ok and we’re not failures because we try. Plus, Vogue Editor-at-Large André Leon Talley (he’s Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada for the uninformed) showered our dear Whit with model praises, which isn’t a small task considering he’s seen pretty much everything in the fashion industry. If you’re going to get one person’s opinion and that person’s opinion is not Anna Wintour, Talley’s is the one to get.

Which Oscar dress would you have wanted to wear if you’d been called out as “model material” at the live shoot, Brooke? Any other thoughts on the Bunney-Brody-LC love triangle? And what are your broad predictions for what Speidi will bring us in Season 3?

Audrina was there.

The Hills

B: Annemarie. I need you to know all of things the show doesn’t tell us. That’s your job as the oracle of The Hills. My disappointment is extreme. EXTREME.

But, I digress. I feel like we needed a more intensive look at all of the Oscar dresses available to them. But given any Oscar dress ever, I’d want something glorious and dramatic like the number that Jennifer Lawrence wore when she tripped up the stairs en route to receive her award.

The whole Brody-Bunney-LC affair was one of the weaker machinations on the part of the producers. It wasn’t until after the fight that I even knew Bunney was such a longtime friend of LC. Though I will miss her not being on the show on the regular to say a lot of dopey things. That leaves us with only Audrina and random interns at her job to recap the drama for us, and the don’t have that same je ne sais quois that Bunney possesses.

Hmmm … Speidi predictions. Well, I definitely think that Heidi moving in with Spencer will do nothing to cut the drama. If anything, I think it will become more openly hostile à la the altercations between Kristin and LC in Laguna. Heidi seems to be crossing firmly into frememy territory at this juncture. I suspect the two of them living together will increase their own relationship drama by vast quantities, causing even more eyerolling from Elodie and lots of snark and “I told you sos” from LC every single time Heidi tries to cry on her shoulder. I’m going to bet the two of them get into some sort of moneymaking scheme that crashes and burns quite spectacularly. I’m picturing an attempt at a couture lifestyle brand. They’ll think it’s classy, but really, they’ll be trashy.

My bigger question is where on Earth is LC headed right now. It seems that she’s doing okay in school and just fine at Teen Vogue, but what else does she have going? Most of her story in season two was being annoyed with Heidi. I hope she gets something more exciting going on in season three, because, as we learned in The Holiday, “You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life for God’s sake!”

AM, can you give me some inkling of what’s to come? HMMM?


A: You are correct that the drama with Speidi and LC will be way more openly hostile. It’s a chance for Spencer to get what he wants, but that doesn’t stop Heidi from fighting with him. Whether the drama is real or manufactured, that’s the real question. We do know from this show being 10 years old is that Spencer and Heidi are still married IRL so that does change the drama equation a bit. That’s all I’ll really say for now, but I do promise that you’ll likely hate both of them a whole lot more before this show comes to a conclusion.

It’s interesting that you blame producer meddling on the Bunney Affair. I was more apt to see it as Spencer meddling. He hates LC more openly every episode, knows that there’s something (if not a real relationship, then a flirtation for sure) between LC and Brody, and he wants first and foremost to give LC a hard time. Now, whether that animosity is driven by Spencer’s cruel streak or the producers working their meddle magic, I can’t say for sure. Let’s assume a healthy dose of MTV behind-the-scenes scripting.

LC isn’t the main character for a lot of the second half here, you’re absolutely correct. She’s reacting to situations and giving the business to Bunney, but her narrative isn’t driving the story. Even the burgeoning relationship with Brody is played more as a side thing when it seemed like they were headed for GF/BF territory. We’re not given a show explanation, but like we’ve mentioned before, thanks to the retrospective, we know they weren’t actually ever a real couple, making the situation with Bunney all the more odd.

LC is genuinely mad at Bunney for how she acted, but is she really justified in her anger? There’s some odd girl code rules on this show, and one major one seems to be: “If you’ve dated or flirted with a guy ever in your life then every single one of your girlfriends and girl acquaintances are hereby forbidden to ever flirt or even look at said dude. In perpetuity.” Is that fair? Is it truly just for the sake of show drama or is it like they say in Mean Girls, “Irregardless, ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends. I mean that’s just like the rules of feminism.”

I look forward to seeing if Speidi attempt a couture collection. If it doesn’t happen in Season 3, perhaps it still could happen? There’s no way it would be classy.


B: It’s sweet of you to pretend you don’t know what’s coming, even though we all know you know all of the things. It kind of blows my mind that we still have such a lot of road left to travel with this crew. I’m honestly at a loss for what to expect other than a lot more in-fighting. I suppose I’ll see, all in due time. At least I still know Heidi’s work schedule.


A: I have to pretend for the sake of propriety! And one thing we know for sure will happen in Season 3.

Audrina will be there.


Join us next time as we travel far, far away from The Hills. To New Zealand. We’re going to kick it with a bad egg known as Ricky Baker and learn about the skuxx life.

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