Last year, Sony revealed the upcoming game from Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding. The new PS4 game is currently under development at Kojima Productions. Guerrilla Games recognized the fact that Kojima Productions needed some assistance with a game engine, so they lent it to Kojima and his team.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is doing a fine job of portraying an environment of collaboration and teamwork within each of its studios. They are giving Hideo Kojima quite the red carpet, royal treatment and it seems to be winning him over.

Guerrilla Games is working on the upcoming open-world PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. The game launches this March, and Death Stranding is using the same engine. Sony’s Hideo Kojima gave some insights about working with Guerrilla Games.

“Yes. Even though [Guerrilla Games is] incredibly busy with their upcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn, they took the trouble to send us a poster signed by the team with the message ‘Congratulations on your new studio!.’ They’re really nice people.

“The latest [Death Stranding] teaser trailer runs on the Guerrilla Games engine. But we’re aiming for a different visual style than Horizon Zero Dawn, so many modifications have been made. It’s also not just a simple case of borrowing the engine from Guerrilla Games; they said that they want to collaborate with [Kojima Productions],” Kojima told Sugoi.

Thanks to Guerrilla, Kojima Productions now possesses a crucial level of support. This enables the studio to get moving on development of their upcoming game. Kojima’s Death Stranding will be a PS4 exclusive, though there is no release date or time frame.

Kojima seems very grateful for the support from Guerrilla Games. It may have been the higher-ups at Sony urging Guerrilla to let Kojima Productions borrow the game engine. However, Kojima himself believes it is more of a reflection of Guerrilla’s moral code.

“I believe it was their sense of chivalry. The name of the game engine was announced on December 1st as the DECIMA engine. [Kojima Productions] is now also involved with engine tuning, so we gave it a new name.

“The name actually comes from Nagasaki’s ‘Dejima.’ But we were told that the Japanese ‘JI’ sound is hard to pronounce, so we went with DECIMA instead. Another reason is that DECIMA is one of the goddesses of fate, who is said to allot human lifespans. And we thought that this name was appropriate for us as game creators,” Kojima said.

The new trailer for Death Stranding is a wonderful example of the tone the new game will bring. It illustrates the oh so weird elements Kojima games often times possess. Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive currently under development. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Death Stranding.

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