Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios are working on the upcoming game Prey. This name should ring a bell if you’re familiar with the 2006 game also named Prey. Bethesda and Arkane want to make sure their new vision of this world isn’t held to the standards of a game of the past.

Bethesda Softworks is one of many gaming publishers launching new IP as well as existing ones in the new year. Prey is one of those upcoming projects and its name has been one of much discussion.

Since the 2006 release from 2K Games, Human Head Studios and a variety of other collaborators, gamers wondered why Arkane didn’t just call the new game Prey 2 or give it a brand-new name altogether. Pete Hines, who is the vice president of public relations and marketing at Bethesda, gave some insight into why Arkane’s upcoming game is simply known as Prey.

“It wasn’t where we wanted it to be, and we didn’t see and couldn’t find a path going forward for that game to be the game that we had signed up for, spent money on, and invested in, and we weren’t just going to keep going forward just because. We felt like, at its core, we liked the basic idea of Prey and what it represented in terms of aliens and you being hunted and on the run. And we thought it was a cool name.

“If you remove for a moment the notion of any game called Prey previously, we just thought it was a cool name that evoked what this game was about. In the discussions we had with Arkane, they were like, ‘Look, if we can do everything that we have planned and whatever we want and not be beholden to anything anyone has done – shipped or cancelled – and just reimagine what Prey means going forward, then we’re totally on board for that,'” Hines said in the latest edition of GameInformer.

It makes plenty of sense for Bethesda and Arkane to want to put their own stamp on the game. Even if the original game is something fans want a sequel to, you can’t blame Arkane for not wanting to adhere to a previous set of principles or rules established by a different development studio.

Arkane is getting the opportunity to literally redefine what the IP is as a game franchise. Bethesda isn’t forcing them to adhere to a previous franchise’s lore, narrative or gameplay. Arkane will have a great chance to illustrate to gamers everywhere what their new vision of Prey is.

Prey and Quake Champions are two upcoming games from Bethesda. They should launch sometime this year, Prey likely before Quake. No official release date is known at this time for either game. Arkane’s newest IP will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stick around here at We Write Things for more on Prey.

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